Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor and Citizens of San Saba County –

The Baylor Scott & White Blood Mobile will be coming back to San Saba County on Tuesday, July 7th. There are some changes and precautions that could be put in place due to COVID-19 for everyone’s safety:

1. At this point, we are looking at a time frame of 12 noon until 6 p.m…this is a change from the 2 to 6 that we have had in the past. Due to some of the precautions, we are having to allow for more time!

2. There will be an Online Scheduling Tool provided to help with the appointments, but there will be decreased appointments per time slot.

3. Donors will be asked to donate BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, and walk-ins will be accommodated only as spacing allows!!

4. Donors will be asked to wear a mask to their appointment.

5. Donors waiting to board the bus will be asked to wait in their vehicles; they will be called when it is their turn to board the mobile bus.

6. There will be a brief COVID-19 screening questionnaire to be completed before a donor will be admitted entrance to the drive.

7. Guests or children will not be permitted to attend; only Donors at this time.

This is a new time for all of us; so, your patience is requested as we ‘dip our toes into the water’ and pray that we will be able to pick up our blood donations that are so greatly needed.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at 325-372-8570 or at emergencymgmt@co.sansaba.tx.us.

Thanks, Marsha B. Hardy Emergency Management Coordinator