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A sense of betrayal

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    Happy Herman's Hideaway

Hello my San Saba sweethearts, and how in the world have you been this past week? I have had such a busy week, been run ragged, I tell you! We have had an invasion, a total take over by foreign forces, and I am helpless to quell or control the situation. Yep, I hate to inform you guys, but my life on Woodlawn has been incredibly squirrely.

The weather was so nice this week, dad took me out to spend time in my play area and I, what did I see but a gang of squirrels running in the grass, climbing all over the outside of dachshund jail, on our fence, running rampant up the pecan trees; they were everywhere I looked! Here is what bothered me most, my once close friend, Rowena, seemed to be the ring leader. She kept encouraging the others to taunt me, telling them to take off in different directions when I would run from one end of my play area to the other. I was running so much my tongue was hanging out; I was barking as if I’d lost my mind, and I was so upset. Yet there was a fence between us, and Rowena knew it! Mom kept telling me to calm down, but I couldn’t even hear her; her words just floated over my head into the bamboo and disappeared. Mom became concerned I was going to have a coronary so she brought me inside. I was so exhausted I plopped on the hardwoods and slept for hours. Ever since, however, I have been standing guard, been vigilant and trying to protect my home by whining at every single thing I hear! Mom had the audacity to tell me I am obsessive compulsive…talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Seeing Rowena act in such a disrespectful manner toward me made me think of many things. Loyalty, kindness and respect are qualities not replaceable, should not be something easily forgotten. Mom told me Rowena was just showing off in front of her friends, and I would like to think that was true. Perhaps she wasn’t trying to make me feel overrun and helpless. Mom is always telling me I am a very sensitive dachshund, and I know it is true. When dad gets upset with me, I immediately run to mom as if I am a little kid hiding behind his mom for protection. Mom smiled and told me when Shawn was a tiny little boy and people would approach, he would stand behind her, hold onto her hand as if she could save him from anything in the world that could bring him harm. I suppose I feel the same way, but when Rowena had her gang out there…all I could see was my world being overrun rather than Rowena running her own world. Gosh I hate when mom makes sense!

My wonderful San Saba loves, I wish you could really understand how much of an honor it is for me to write this column each week. I live such a simple, ordinary life, but what I feel in my heart and soul for each one of you is extraordinary because it sustains that simple, ordinary. I hope you have a great week until we speak again, I love you, my San Saba sweethearts, and thank you for being!