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    Happy Herman's Hideaway

Hello, my San Saba beauties, and how are you? As I write this I am sitting in a house surrounded by snow, without electricity and trying not to shiver me timbers right off! One would think I was writing from some cabin in the deep woods of New Hampshire rather than central Texas! I wish someone would make an appointment for Mother Nature to see a doctor.

Speaking of snow, I had my first try at the stuff yesterday, and I do not care for it, nope not in the least. Mom took me out to dachshund jail, and the wind had blown snow in all over it. The stuff is extremely cold, and it sticks to the bottom of my paws…I do not like it. I will admit, I gave it a taste, but it was bland and uninteresting - so not even the taste was anything to get excited about. I do believe I have had my fill of snow, ice and cold weather. Yep, I am ready for spring.

While we are speaking of all things snow, I would like to address Mary and her little lamb. Let me take a moment to refresh your memory… “Mary had a little lamb, a little lamb, a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow.” My question concerns the need to reiterate the fact that Mary's lamb was little three times. Was this lamb the size of a quarter, or was it like a snowman but a snow lamb? I am just not clear at all what the writer meant. When I read about the three little pigs, I get a very clear picture - but this one I find confusing.

Dad took me to the groomer since last we spoke, and I am happy to report I still have a face. Furthermore, it still resembles a wire hair dachshund… will miracles never cease? I laugh at mom every time I come home from the groomer because she always talks about how small I am without all that extra hair. I suppose I do look rather puffed out sporting mounds of curls, but she is such an intelligent person she should realize they are nothing more than camouflage.

Since it has been so cold, the parentals have been serving up lots of hot soup. Mom made homemade potato soup, and we had some lovely organic tomato soup. Mom told me when she was a child, she use to eat alphabet soup. I laughed and said perhaps that is why she became a writer. Mom and I both consider words tools of the mind and heart. We try very hard to use them with the utmost care, respect, tenderness and love. We so appreciate you giving us the opportunity to communicate with you each week, and we love and appreciate you very much. Thank you for being.