Happy Herman's Hideaway

  • Happy Herman's Hideaway
    Happy Herman's Hideaway

Guten Tag, Ciao, Bonjour and Howdy Folks of San Saba! We just went to Europe and back in words…did you have fun? I told mom the German word for hello sounds like food without wheat; the Italian, like those pets they used to sell - people put little seeds in that grew; and the French, like the band that Jon Bon Vovi leads! Yeah, howdy or hello seems straight forward to me.

In case you may be wondering if I have lost my dachshund mind, no, I have not… Dad gave me a bath this week, and he washed me senseless! You know that little song Itsy Bitsy Spider? Well guess what, a spider crawled off me in the tub, but it didn’t quite make it up the water spout. Oh, it tried, but dad got to it first. And it won’t be singing any songs any time soon. Spiders seem to like me or shall I say, like my fur. It is a problem because it makes dad go into sheep shearing mode and want to call my groomer to remove all visible signs that I have hair! Yep, if he had his way, I could easily appear on Naked and Afraid and actually be naked and afraid! I heard him tell mom summer is approaching, and I have no need to be wearing a fur in 100 degree temperatures! I played a bit of Family Feud, stood in the middle of the living room and announced… “Survey says… Fur on dachshunds help to regulate body temperature and helps to keep them from overheating! I win, you lose! Dad, sit down, and put your clippers in the drawer!”

I heard something about the world going back to normal. Yeah, like that is going to happen! The virus did not make the world abnormal, and resuming life will not make it normal…hate to break the news! First off, there is no such thing as normal…there is only the transition of moments and how one reacts to them. What I do with my day may seem totally outrageous to some of you and vice versa for me…that is the beauty of life. Would you be offended if I came into your house, sat at your table, stuck my head in your breakfast plate and ate your bacon? Yeah, you probably would. But if you came into mine, stuck your head in my breakfast bowl, I would look at you and say… “Isn’t it delicious…isn’t my mom a great cook!” I see you as part of me, always welcomed to what I have. That is my normal; it is the way I live life. I suppose I get it from living around people who live the same way.

I love you, my San Saba friends. I hope you have a wonderful week until we speak again. Perhaps we will take another journey next week because one doesn’t have to actually go anywhere to travel; they can merely create a new place in their mind and be there. Imagination is so much fun, inspiring and can actually lead to being more fun than reality. Be safe, my friends, and thank you for being!