The Texas Rangers and The San Saba Mob

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Submitted by Ross J. Cox, Sr. 

Editor’s Note – Part 17 of a continuing series

San Saba News

5th March 1897

Trial of Ford The principal part of the evidence as reported in the Austin Statesman. J.F. Daugherty said he lived in San Saba County 20 years. In July 1887, he was living on Wilbarger Creek and had been living there since 1876. Has known the defendant, Matt Ford, 18 or 20 years. He knew J.R. Turner, the man who was killed. Before Turner’s death he had a conversation with Matt Ford about Turner, the man who was killed. He and Ford had frequent conversations about Turner. Turner lived in the country about a mile from Ford’s. Turner was a farmer and postmaster. Turner was an old man, rather small and had one lame leg. There was nothing important in their conversation about Turner until the starting up of the mob. Attorneys for defendant objected to the word “mob,” and witness was not allowed to explain who or what the mob was.


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