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Trust in America’s farmers, ranchers remains high


A new American Farm Bureau Federation poll shows 84 percent of Americans trust the nation’s farmers and ranchers.

The same overwhelming majority support financial assistance from the government for farmers and ranchers struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both findings are encouraging. It shows the American people understand the challenges of COVID-19 and the impacts it has on the nation’s food supply chain.

Importantly, they recognize farmers and ranchers aren’t to blame.

Another interesting note from the poll is 59 percent of Americans believe the federal government should classify U.S. agriculture as a matter of national security.

The public is aware how important a stable food supply is to the health and well-being of our nation, and COVID-19 is the reason for that. Many Americans saw limited or empty grocery store shelves for maybe the first time in their lifetime.

Addressing agricultural labor shortages, ensuring farm and food worker safety and protecting trade partnerships to stabilize agricultural markets are all part of prioritizing U.S. agriculture.

It’s heartening to know that, through it all, trust in farmers and ranchers continues to be strong.