Lowe’s to rebuild similar size store; Ace Hardware will be part of rebuild

  • Lowe’s to rebuild similar size store; Ace Hardware will be part of rebuild
    Lowe’s to rebuild similar size store; Ace Hardware will be part of rebuild

Just like everyone else, I was getting very curious about when we may get a new Lowe’s Market, but also wanted to know what happened to the “old” one. Why did it burn down?

Don’t get me wrong. . . I’m very happy with the “new, temporary” one. In fact, I really like the small, homey feel where you can go in, get your items and get out in a matter of no time! It’s so easy to maneuver, right?

Well, life goes on, and things can be temporary. We know that store is only temporary. I called and talked to Joel Griffith, Director of Human Resources at Lowe’s, to find out a few things about the future store.

However, first things first. Joel wanted to thank everyone in San Saba for coming together so quickly to help put the temporary store together. He especially wanted to praise Albert and Kay Stowell, San Saba City staff, San Saba County staff, Sheriff’s Department, DPS and Hill Country Community Action Association. Mr. Griffith stated he has never seen a city respond so quickly and so generously in the way that San Saba did in the event of Lowe’s Market fire and the need for a temporary grocery.

I then asked Mr. Griffith if the Fire Marshall had determined the cause of the fire. He stated it was undermined at this time.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Griffith stated it is difficult to estimate the time it will take to rebuild. However, he did say the new store will use the existing the foundation, so it will be about the same square footage but may be a slight difference in floor plan. In addition, for you Ace Hardware fans – yes, there will be an Ace Hardware!

Mr. Griffith didn’t know when the rebuild would start either, especially since COVID-19 pandemic has deterred many plans, orders, etc. He stated again, however, he was just so thankful for San Saba coming together and helping so faithfully and strongly to get a temporary store up and running in a matter of seven days!

So, I guess we all have to wait to see the brand new Lowe’s Market and Ace Hardware. Not curious about the “old” one anymore. . . enjoying the “temporary” one. . . until we get the “new” one!