Hill Country CattleWomen award Veteran’s Day contest winners


In recognition of Memorial Day, the Hill Country Cattle-Women held a contest for $100 beef gift cards to honor those who have served. The HCCW received many great stories of deserving individuals and families who have or are currently serving along with their delicious beef recipes. While all the recipes we received were delicious, the winning one may be remembered fondly, or not so fondly, by many veterans as S.O.S. The winning recipe was submitted by Michael Coe, a career Marine from Kerrville, who fought in Vietnam and Beirut. His wife was a career Naval Officer for 33 years, and his son was a career Air Force Officer serving numerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His father fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, and his cousin was with him in the Navy during Vietnam. S.O.S.

Brown one pound of hamburger, drain and set aside. In the same pan, melt 4 TB of butter and mix in 4 TB of flour until smooth, and then add 2 cups of milk; stir until smooth, thick and bubbling. Add 2 TB of Worchester sauce, ½ cup of beer and continue stirring until thick and bubbling. Add the previously cooked beef into the mix until mouth is watering. Slather on toast and serve to smiling people unaware of the spicy heat! (You may add hot sauce and/or Tony Chicheme’s More Spice if you’re a touch Marine!) Optional: add sautéed onions.

The Hill Country CattleWomen would like to thank all those currently serving in the military and those who have served in the past for your sacrifice. Adele Bosma who submitted a hamburger recipe stated “It may seem cliché to have hamburgers on such an American day, but I think it’s a good representation of our patriotism. We all come together and celebrate not only our freedom but also the people who worked for it. Making hamburgers and eating them may just be one part of our big celebration, but it’s one of the best parts.” Adele’s grandfather Walters got a purple heart while fighting in Belgium. Her other grandpa Bosma got a purple heart serving in Vietnam. Her father served in the army and was stationed in Panama.

The Hill Country Cattle-Women thank all that are serving and have served our Country!