COVID-19 update for 10-13-20


Information was provided by Dr. Craig Whiting, Texas Department of State Health Services Local Health Authority, and Marsha Hardy, Emergency Management Coordinator for San Saba County

CASES: Total = 109

San Saba County = 36

City of San Saba = 73


San Saba County = 26

City of San Saba = 43


San Saba County = 10 City of San Saba = 30

City of San Saba = 30



Message from Dr. Craig Whiting:

The numbers of cases of COVID is increasing steadily in our county. We are receiving reports from a variety of sources, and not everyone with infection is even tested. This makes it difficult to keep accurate record, and I suspect that Johns Hopkins has a more accurate count of COVID cases in San Saba County than is reflected by the TSDHS website. Many people are experiencing more severe symptoms as well, including nausea, fatigue, headache, cough and shortness of breath.

While I think that a vaccine will be available later this year to those in high risk jobs (e.g. EMS workers, hospital staff, teachers, etc.), it will probably be several months before a vaccine is widely available to everyone. In the meantime we can all

In the meantime we can all WEAR A MASK in public, use the HAND SANITIZER that’s placed in most public places – or carry your own.