This Sunday is Mother’s Day!


I remember being in the airport terminal, and it was crowded. Not like today. They're empty, and everyone was in a big hurry. I had a little time before my flight, and so I was just meandering along. I noticed a lone elderly lady walking in her stockings and carrying her shoes. She was trying to pull her heavy luggage along, and no one would stop to help. She passed through the security check and slowly walked off dragging the luggage. I thought to myself, there goes someone’s mother or grandmother. I quickly lost sight of her in the crowd, and then I happened to notice a young lady with two small children. She was frantically trying to get her luggage from the scanners and trying to get her young daughter to stay put and not wonder off. She had the little baby strapped to her back. Those two women reminded me of something in the Bible. Women are the unsung heroes. I do not think most men really know what women go through. God created them special, and they are the nurturers of the family. We are to love them and treat them with respect and dignity, (Ephesians 5:25, Colossians 3:19, Exodus 20:12). Not just mothers, but all women! This Sunday will be Mother’s Day. Let’s do something to honor them. See you in Church next Sunday if the doors are open.