Message From a Father to His Late Son That Will Lift Every Heart


~Richard V. Battle’s poignant yet optimistic letter to John, who left him when he was nine months old~


Life is short, and moments are gone even before you know it and get etched in memory. Richard V. Battle’s son, John, was born when he was fortyfive years old. Like every father, Richard wished to give his son a life full of possibilities and opportunities and the future he deserved. “I was concerned about living long enough to teach him the important things in life,” he says. “It was important to me for him to benefit from the lessons I had learned, without making the mistakes I had made,” recounts Battle, a father, loss survivor, veteran business building expert and award-winning author of six books including his latest one Conquering Life’s Course: Common Sense in Chaotic Times.

He wrote a letter to his sixmonth old baby boy, with a message that is as pertinent in today’s environment as when it was written in 1997, and filed the letter in case something happened to him. “Unfortunately, we lost John in 1998 before I had the opportunity to teach him these lessons,” laments Richard V. Battle, who offers the letter now with a prayer that people may find something in it to benefit them, their children and family.

This Father’s Day, Richard’s message is for all children who have the right to a happy, fulfilling, and rewarding life irrespective of their backgrounds. It is relevant today more than ever as we struggle to stay positive during these uncertain and chaotic times.

An excerpt from the letter is included below:

December 17, 1997

My dearest John:

The following are things I hope to teach you early in life that will make you happy, more successful, and richer in spirit. If I pass away before I am able to personally teach you these things, I truly hope you will take them to heart. I love you very much and wish the best for you. I want you to fly the highest, achieve your dreams, and positively impact others’ lives. All the while, I hope you will also experience the least amount of unhappiness.

I love you,


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3. His take on why instilling good values take you a long way?

4. How to stay positive in chaotic times?

About Richard V. Battle

Richard V. Battle is a veteran business consultant, speaker, media expert, and author of six books, including his latest “Conquering Life’s Course.” He has appeared on or in multiple media outlets including Fox TV, The New Rationalist, The Washington Times, Wake Up Tucson, and KMOX St. Louis. Visit him online at <www.richardbattle. com>.