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Wise Words from Solomon

What things are of importance to you? Are these things centered around fortune, fame, family? Some of these things are important, but what is the one thing that you find most important?

King Solomon wrote a book in the Bible called Ecclesiastes. In this book, Solomon wrote about things that were vanity (emptiness). Here was a man who had all the riches one could want. He had many possessions that he enjoyed. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines. He had children. He led a large and prosperous army. But when speaking at the end of his life, he would say all of these things are futile, vanity, emptiness.

I will never know what its like to be the richest man on earth. I have no where near the amount of possessions that he had. But I could say the same thing about the things I do have. Now, let me say there is nothing wrong with having these things. The important thing is how do we use these things. Do these things have a stronghold over us, or are we willing to give them up if need be?

At the end of the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon tells what is truly important. The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person. 14 “For God will bring every act to judgment, everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil.” Ecclesiastes 12:9-10 (NASB) Though all of these were vanity the important part was to:

• Fear God

• Keep His commandments

• And this applied to every person

Many in our world today do not fear or reverence God and Creator. Many today are not trying to follow His commandments. And yet, Solomon tells us this applies to every person. Every one of us needs to heed these words. Why? Because one day Jesus is coming again. When He does, every hidden thing for every person will be made known whether good or evil.

What is important to you? We all need to answer this question. And if we are not trying to follow our God, we must be ready for the judgement to come. We must try to rid ourselves of all sin.

God must take precedent in our lives. Is He first in yours? If not, make it your priority today and every day you live. Then you can be confident and happy when Jesus returns.