Coyote Pride


We are halfway through the second six-week grading period. Parent support and involvement is crucial at both school and home. Three-week notices are being sent home this week. If your child receives a notice of concern, please contact your child’s teacher as necessary to ensure your child is successful. Kids need structure and guidance to be successful. Today’s students are our hope for the future. Let’s work together to make their future bright!

The junior high squad moves to (3-1) on the season and (0-1) in District with a 68-32 loss to Rochelle. The Richland Springs Junior High will play Cherokee Junior High in Cherokee at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 15th.

Congratulations to the Varsity Coyotes on their 47-0 victory over Rochelle. The Varsity Coyotes move to (4-0) on the season and (1-0) in the district race. The Varsity Coyotes will play in the San Saba County rivalry against the Cherokee Indians 7:30 p.m. at Coyote Field on Friday. Come out and support our young athletes in UIL competition.

Ronny Barnes will be here October 20th for FAFSA night for our seniors. All seniors and senior parents are invited to FAFSA night. Mr. Barnes is knowledgeable about the FAFSA process, and many seniors leave from this event with their FAFSAs submitted!

COVID-19 case updates from Marsha Hardy, Emergency Management Coordinator for San Saba County, reveal 24 active cases in San Saba County. With each update to schools, Marsha Hardy includes this message: “Simply: wash your hands, wear your mask, pay attention to your surroundings and, mostly, be kind!” We are fortunate to be in Richland Springs!

October is National Principals’ Month. We celebrate our principal, Rhonda Wyatt, for her leadership and dedication to excellence in education. Thank you, Mrs. Wyatt, for all that you do.

Teaching is so complex. Real educators have to discover (through trial and error) the right answers to specific, small-picture questions about curriculum, classroom management, facilities management, extracurricular activities, dress codes, instructional technology, content delivery, test prep, and so many other things. Every day, teachers deal with kids from all realms of the spectrum, and we know that teachers do a great job every day in determining specific needs for individual students.

We have a great community, students, teachers and staff. It looks to be a great year at Richland Springs.

Community involvement is the key to our success!

• Cherokee Indians vs. Richland Springs Coyotes at Coyote Field

• Friday, October 16th at 7:30 p.m.

Come out and support the Coyotes!!