2020 San Saba Elementary UIL Results


This year, things looked a little different for our Elementary UIL Competition. Instead of traveling to a hosting school, all events were held at San Saba Elementary. Our students worked extremely hard practicing and competing. We are proud of them and celebrate their accomplishments.

Thank you to our coaches who went above and beyond in helping the students to be successful! Many more thanks to the parents who entrust their gifts to us daily. We are grateful to and for Mrs. Sarah Ringo, our UIL Coordinator.

Here are the final standings:

1st Grade Storytelling –

Sloan Sanderson - 1st

Wyatt Ward - 2nd Place

Everleigh Vallenavedo - 3rd

2nd Grade Storytelling –

Wiley Murray - 1st

Rextyn Hunt - 2nd

Scout Weber - 3rd

2nd Grade Creative Writing –

Caleb Brand - 1st

Juan Macias - 2nd

Sophia Hernandez - 3rd

Jensen Flores - 4th

2nd Grade Chess Puzzles –

Riley Faulkner - 1st

2nd Grade Music Memory –

Isabella Cuevas - Participation

Matthew Cade - Participation

3rd Grade Storytelling –

Emily Mays - 1st

Lynlee Smith - 2nd

Jaxson Blocker - 3rd

3rd Grade Ready Writing –

Andrea Hilario - 1st

Estefania Patino - 2nd

Jazmin Reyes - 3rd

Lynlee Smith - 4th

3rd Grade Spelling –

Macye McDowell - 1st

Carla Jimenez - 2nd

Jace Stewardson - 3rd

Khloe Martinez - 4th

3rd Grade Music Memory –

Lynlee Smith - Participation

Javier Ramirez Ramirez - Participation

Khloe Martinez - Participation

Carla Jimenez - Participation

Cameryn Brockman - Participation

3rd Grade Chess Puzzles –

Dante Smith - 1st

Gage Faulkner - 2nd

Jace Stewardson - 3rd

4th Grade Ready Writing –

Sergio Cervantes - 1st

4th Grade Spelling –

Sergio Cervantes - 1st

Sofia Bagley - 2nd

4th Grade Number Sense –

Wesley Jones - 1st

Thomas Brand - 2nd

Joshua Eudy - 3rd

Azerleigh Cummings - 4th

4th Grade Art –

Dakota Uli - Participation

Rylee Schlegel - Participation

4th Grade Chess Puzzles –

Joshua Eudy - 1st

Kael Cisneroz - 2nd

4th Grade Oral Reading –

Wesley Jones - 1st

Sofia Bagley - 2nd

Edith Boswell - 3rd