Thomas Robert (Bob) Johnson

  • Thomas Robert (Bob) Johnson
    Thomas Robert (Bob) Johnson

Thomas Robert (Bob) Johnson was born in San Saba, Texas, to Elsie Jym (Jymmie) Sloan Johnson and Billy Gerald Johnson on July 9, 1953. Bob was the second born and only son of Jymmie and Billy Gerald Johnson. He has two sisters, Amy and Sue. Tom and Elsie Maxwell Sloan, Bob’s grandparents, lived just a stone’s throw away, in Sloan Community, as did his great grandparents, Jym and Katie Bob Sloan. Bob grew up under the tutelage of his grandfather. He grew up in the country but was also influenced by his father, Billy Gerald, who was in construction in the city. Bob grew up and went to school in San Saba where he was a good student. George Dennis, his science teacher, said, “Bob was one of my brightest students and always a joy to be around!” He had many friends and was always busy and productive.

In the summer of 1970, he met Pennye Capps. They were happily wed in June of 1971 and thus began the story of their lives. After a move to Austin, Texas, and a short span in the Houston area, they returned to San Saba County where Bob worked in construction alongside Pennye’s father, Snooks Capps, and with high school friends who were also involved in the industry. Bob worked on the family ranch helping his granddaddy Tom from time to time.

There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do or figure out with the exception of the occasional plumbing mishap. He even drove the schoolbus when his house was full of kids, Robby, Kite, Yoki, Josh and Gabe, who attended school at Richland Springs. He worked a factory job and did natural gas inspection, driving to and from Austin for several years. He toiled in the heat and cold to make sure the family never did without and he never wanted it any other way. Bob enjoyed hard work and had a hard time sitting still. In the early 80s, the family moved to Algerita to the Polk Ranch where he and Pennye took an old house and made it a home where the kids grew up. The old ranch house is now a home filled with grandkids: Braiden & Brytin, Garren & Abel, Morgan, Micah & Makenna, Tyler, Tucker & Tessa, Kira, Kaylee, Everett, Gabree & Sailor. Bob loved spending time with his grandkids going to events and ball games, birthday parties and everything in between.

He loved caring for the pecan orchard that he had planted and nurtured from small trees to nut producing glory. He enjoyed his cattle, as well. He and Pennye have been inseparable. They enjoyed working in the yard and enjoyed weekend drives through the beautiful hill country. They loved to drive the countryside, enjoying God’s glory, putting 100’s of thousands of miles on every vehicle they ever owned. Today you can still find Bob’s old maroon truck that has pretty close to, if not more than, a half a million miles on it. If you were lucky enough to know Bob, you knew you had a friend for life, which you could call on at anytime. He was always willing to help friends and family with building or any kind of repairs. He was raised by a different generation and knew the importance of maintenance to keep things rolling. He kept his family all going, giving them way more than they could ever give him in return. He was the example of what real work looked like, what real love felt like, and what mattered most to him was his family! He loved the Lord with all his heart and soul.

His favorite saying was “Life is Good!”

Bob is survived by his loving wife of 49 years, Pennye Capps Johnson; mother, Jymmie Linzey; son, Robert “Robby” Johnson, wife Angela and children, Braiden and Brytin; daughter, Mikiyah “Kite” Johnson and sons: Garren and Abel; daughter, Miyoko “Yoki” Riggs, husband Jordan and three daughters: Morgan, Micah and Makenna; son, Joshua Johnson and Ashley and children: Tyler, Tucker, and Tessa; son, Gabriel Johnson, wife Bridgette and children: Kira, Kaylee, Everett, Gabree and Sailor; sister, Amy Shaw and husband Danny; sister, Sue Crawford; brother, Todd Johnson; two special nieces, Amber Mims and April Quade; and numerous nieces, nephews and extended family.

Bob was preceded in death by his father, Billy Gerald Johnson; step-mother, Mary Ann Lackey; brother, Carter Johnson; step-father, Robert Elmer Linzey; grandfather, Thomas Allen Sloan; grandmother, Elsie Maxwell Sloan; father-in-law, Snooks Capps, and mother-in-law, Mearl Christian Capps.