The Texas Rangers and the San Saba Mob

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By Ross J. Cox


Editor’s Note – Part 22 of a continuing series.

The months of May, June and July of 1897 were frustrating for the Rangers to say the least.

The first action McDonald took was to establish his headquarters and Ranger camp on the banks of the San Saba River, about one mile from town. It was a strong signal they were back to stay. Immediately, McDonald went to work and learned all he could from Sullivan.

There were many scouting expeditions into the countryside and surrounding counties in search of the secret meeting place of the Mob. Meanwhile, Linden had a tough time with the trial of Trowbridge in Austin. On June 14th, the trial began with just as much fanfare as before and with even more witnesses. A total of 269 testified with only 41 appearing for the state. Even in Austin, the Mob could still muster an army of incredible support. After ten days of deliberation, two jurors held out for acquittal. It was another hung jury and another disappointing loss for Linden. By now even Sullivan had become depressed and sullen.81


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