The Texas Rangers and The San Saba Mob




Editor’s Note–Part 49(k) in a continuing series.

“Did Mrs. Turner send a message by you to Mrs. Ford to come over to her house?”

“No, sir; she did not.”

“Did you tell Mrs. Ford anything about a message from Mrs. Turner?”

“No, sir; I just told her of the murder. She was near the well, and I just told her the news and she cried and said she was sorry for it.”


Witness stuck to his statement. E.T. Neel, a ranger, was next called.

“When did you go to San Saba County?”

“In August, 1896.”

Witness then explained that he went to Turner’s place to make a test to see if a man could be recognized form the house to where Turner was killed.

He explained fully how the test was made, and said he could easily recognize men with whom the was familiar.

Ranger Sullivan, for the state, said he had been in the ranger service about twelve years.

Was present at the suggestion of District Attorney Linden, he went out to the Turner place to make measurements and a test.

He recognized men from the house who were standing where Tuner was killed.

He knew the men well.

In a test made in which Ford and Trowbridge and others took part whom he did not know well he could not recognize any of them.

To a question, witness said he could easily recognize any man he was familiar with from Turner’s house to where Turner was killed.

Jim Price was the next witness for the state.

“Do you know Robert Hart?”

“I have known him since the spring of 1892.”

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