San Saba Dillos drown Goldthwaite Eagles 64-6 in BOTR!


Armadillos rack up 606 total yards to defeat the Eagles!

  • San Saba Dillos drown Goldthwaite Eagles 64-6 in BOTR!
    San Saba Dillos drown Goldthwaite Eagles 64-6 in BOTR!

For the third consecutive year, San Saba proved that they were a far more superior team over the Goldthwaite Eagles. The last three contests have seen the Dillos outscore the Eagles 203-6, which is an average score of 67-2.

The Dillos took advantage of the slower Eagles' secondary and threw for 396 yards and 6 TD passes. San Saba still fared well in the ground totaling 210 yards rushing on 29 attempts (7.2 avg) and two rushing touchdowns.

San Saba’s defense came out to play as well at Gordon Wood Stadium as they created four turnovers - three fumble recoveries and one onside recovery. Any time you can give the offense an extra four series to score, things are usually going your way!

Game Recap –

1st Quarter - 8:28 – Shahan finds WR

8:28 – Shahan finds WR Reagan Mejia from 26 yards out. PAT is good – 7-0 SS 6:31 – Lackey takes a fumble recovery to the 1-yard line; from there, Sears punches it in for the score. PAT is good – 14-0 SS

6:21 – After an onside recovery by Lackey, Shahan connects with Glover on a 48-yard pass. PAT is good – 21-0 SS

3:56 – Another fumble recovery by the defense - this time by Bladen Calley, leads to Shahan throwing his 3rd TD of the evening to Mejia from the 38-yard line. PAT is good – 28-0 SS

1:01 – Shahan’s 4th TD pass comes from the 49-yard line to Logan Glover. PAT is good – 35-0 SS

At the end of the 1st quarter, San Saba leads Goldthwaite 35-0.

2nd Quarter -

10:48 – Shahan connects with Sears on a 41-yard screen. PAT is good – 42-0 SS

10:24 – Goldthwaite’s QB scrambles for a 48-yard TD. PAT is no good – 42-6 SS

9:45 – Once again, Shahan finds Glover on a long 78-yard bomb. PAT is good – 49-6 SS

2:08 – San Saba marches the ball down to the 8-yard line. From there, Sears scores his 2nd rushing TD of the night. PAT is good – 56-6 SS

At halftime, San Saba leads 56-6.

3rd Quarter -

3:00 – RB Justin Yarbrough scrambles for a 24-yard rushing TD. A bobbled snap leads to a 2-point conversion. 64-6 SS

Final score: San Saba 64, Goldthwaite 6