The Richland Springs Report


It’s been a crazy week, and I’m glad it is over. I’m proud of my students, they have settled in and are working hard. I don’t know if we can catch up all those months, but we are doing our best. We are better off than many schools even though our kids are from a small rural school and a low socioeconomic county. Our classes are small, and that gives us more time to work with individual kids. We are rural Texas strong.

Basketball is up and running. Our boys completed their first week of practice. Our delayed football season left them with no practice time before district meets were underway. The girls are doing very well.

They work well together, and it’s a pleasure to watch them play. I have yet to watch the boys play, but from all I hear, they are playing together as a team. That makes all the difference in the world.

Monday Church is going well. After the holiday break, we had 20 kids there. The four-hour time slot is working well. There has been a glitch from time to time, but our volunteers are veterans of child ministry and just go with the flow. Now that Brother Mack is back with us, he will get to know the kids better. They certainly enjoyed talking with him last Monday. I hope to see them all this week as we work our way through the heroes of the Bible. This Bible we are studying is not a fairy-tale book; it is the history of the Jewish nation and of our own Christian faith. It is provable, documented, and validated by archeologists and historians. Stand on your faith, and don’t be shaken.

I started this column on Friday knowing I would have a busy weekend.

I picked my songs for service two weeks ago. Today, Johnny gave a message about standing strong and not being anxious. If you think God isn’t in control of this nation, then you should see the flow of messages from my column to our song service to his message. Folks, God is still in control. He hasn’t given up on us yet. So, the last sentence in the paragraph above says, stand on your faith, and don’t be shaken. Please pray, but don’t worry yourself sick over events in our country.

We were discussing issues over breakfast at church, and someone said they had a friend come in from out of town and pull up an image of new scope he had bought for his rifle. That is no big deal. It was not his phone and not his scope. Imagine his uneasiness when the next day the scope came up on his computer. Please make note, he didn’t pull this up on any of his electronic equipment. He felt a little creeped out, and I totally agree with him. Our big tech companies seem to be interfering and listening to things that have nothing to do with them.

If you haven’t read the book 1984, by Orwell, it might be worthwhile pulling it off the shelf of your local library.

Many of our churches are still doing online services, so if you feel the need to stay home and shelter, please don’t leave God behind; visit one or more of the services available. Russ and I have several favorite preachers, plus, we watch our own, and I drop into Shiloh’s services.

Mrs. Wyatt announced that she was going to send out another survey monkey poll on the four-day school week. It will be simple. Do you love or hate the four-day week? What would you change? I don’t know if all of you can get to Survey Monkey, but if you can’t, then send her a text or email with your opinion. I was originally for this workday, but after seven months, I see a need for change. There have been several proposals to amend our week. I’m sure Mrs. Wyatt, and the school board, would love to have your input.

I didn’t mention Emma Bryant in the paper after the Youth Fair because I didn’t have her work. I want to give a shout out to her for the lovely painting that took first place in her art category.

Congratulations, Emma. We didn’t have very many entries this year thanks to COVID, but what we turned out was quality work.

Our Monday Church studied the Book of Job last week, and this week we are going to visit the life and exploits of Joseph. Many of us know the coat of many colors, but the story behind it is of the faithfulness of God even when the outlook is bleak.

The prayer list this morning was long. There were so many cases of cancer that needed prayer. It is such a terrible disease. We had several community members who had successful surgery and are on the road to good health. Our prayers go up for Gerald McKee. He will be speaking with the oncologists to see what steps must be taken with his cancer issues. Shane Phillips needs our prayers for his upcoming doctor’s visit. Please keep your neighbors in your prayers.

The man who was wandering around town looking in cars and knocking on doors has been arrested. That will give a few families in town a more peaceful night.

Pray for our oil and gas industry workers as they face the closing of the Keystone Pipeline. The ripples from that decision will be far-reaching.

Pray for our troops in Washington, our first responders, all the medical personnel working on COVID cases and our beleaguered police officers. I think the border patrol needs an extra special prayer for safety, but most of all I pray for our precious troops and their families. Have a great week.