The Richland Springs Report


I want to start the column off with a disclaimer. There will be no Monday Kid’s Church on the 19th. Monday Church has seven school staff members and about four non-school staff members. This coming Monday we will all be in a meeting. Monday Church will resume on the 26th.

The fresh produce delivery has been cancelled. The food pantry at the Baptist Church will be open on Monday the 19th. However, the October 25th delivery from the Farmers to Families program contained dairy products, and there was no way to keep them cool. I guess the folks around Llano will benefit from this food dropoff. Perhaps after the November elections they will resume the program.

The Rochelle rivalry came and went last week. There was a bunch of hooting and hollering with a good dollop of posturing, but the scores tell the tale. Rochelle won the junior high game for the second year in a row. The high school game was a different matter. Rochelle only made two first downs, and those were due to Coyote penalties. The Coyotes took a knee on the final play of the half with a score of 47-0. For the most part, the players were polite and helped each other up. We had one bad play that was penalized. The junior high game was a little rough, and I guess that player thought he was paying back. I know Coach Burkhart works hard to keep his players focused on the game, not on the head games the other team may be playing. Stay focused Coyotes, we have another championship to win.

This Friday’s game should be a good test of our playing abilities. There will be a 5th Quarter after the game. I’ve heard the menu is chicken spaghetti, Caesar salad and delicious home backed desserts. We love our Coyotes and our fans. See you all Friday.

I come across a number of people during my week. It could be at the store, the school, church, or even in Brownwood. People ask me to mention things in the paper. I am horrible with names and spellings, so I try to avoid that if possible. Last week I was given several names to include in a prayer list. I think I spelled one wrong, and another nice lady called me and asked me not to put her name in the paper again. I don’t have a problem with that at all. I would ask those of you who do give me names to make sure I know how to spell them properly and to make sure you have the person’s permission to pass it on to me for publication. Most people don’t mind having prayers for their issues, but not all want to see their name in print.

My eldest son, Scott, his wife, Heather, and two of my three grandkids, Kaitlynn and Bryson, came to visit this weekend. Heather mentioned that Bryson had just started taking piano lessons. I asked him if he would like to come and try our grand piano. He snapped me up immediately. He plays four instruments in the marching band in San Antonio, so I knew he was respectful of instruments. What I didn’t know was he is an accomplished pianist. Imagine my delighted surprise when majestic waterfalls and melodic tunes poured out of that beautiful piano. Kathy Brockman was there and shared my delight. I was not prepared for the level of excellence he displayed. His music was the prefect seal to a long-awaited visit. This COVID has kept my sweet children away from me and left me, like many other aging parents, alone and childless. I was happy to have time with them, and sad when they had to leave early Sunday. Perhaps we will all be able to get together at Thanksgiving.

Pastor Doug Holtzclaw came to preach today. He is one of my favorite visiting preachers. He delivered a powerful message for us and our country. “If my people will turn from their wicked ways and repent,” that’s paraphrased. Our land needs healing. Like many people, I am praying that the November elections will put an end to the unrest in our country. Only time will tell. Please get out and vote. This is not about one person; it is about party platforms. Read them and vote according to your personal belief system. I presented both party platforms to my students and held a vote. The vote will be revealed November 4th. I heard another teacher say, “Don’t tell everyone your vote; it’s supposed to be secret.” This election is generating excitement, and it’s a great teachable moment. It is a privilege and right to vote.

Monday Church for the kids is going very well. We were afraid the time was not long enough, but we were also afraid it would be too long for the adults. So far, we are doing fine. Thank you to the parents who are permitting their children to attend. There will be a few days in November due to teacher workdays and holidays where meeting will not be possible. It’s hard to believe we are a month away from Thanksgiving. I am truly thankful that I live in this community. Please pray for our community and our country.

....which brings me to our prayer section. There are multiple people fighting cancer in our area. Please lift them up in prayer. We offer our prayers and condolences to the family of Tommy Soto who passed away last week. A graveside service was held at the Richland Springs cemetery. Johnny Reeves offciated, and music was provided by Caden and Clara Elkin. Thank you to all who attended and provided flowers and food to the family.

We are a few short weeks away from a major election. Please pray for our President, our legislators, our country, and the upcoming elections. I pray that all will go smoothly, and we can continue the magnificent history that we have recorded by having peaceful transitions of power - no matter who wins. Most Americans like the way our elections are run. Only a few would like to have a major change in policy. Please go and vote. Pray for our police offcers and their families, our medical staff and most of all our precious troops and their families.