The Richland Springs Report


For all the numerologists, this edition comes out, 5-20-2020. I am not, and don’t look to find anything significant in those numbers other than it is a lovely day in May. Dwelling on numbers for just a minute, I was pleased to see the numbers in church increase this week. I love singing to people, the more the better.

Although you would not know by the Facebook services we put out, I do have a half-decent singing voice. I was beginning to doubt myself and step down from my job as worship leader. If I can’t stand the music service, I feel fairly confident that others can’t either. I guess I can look on the personal development side, and claim it is keeping me humble? I am more inclined to think it keeps me depressed. Oh well, life goes on.

I was saddened to hear about our first case of COVID, and in the nursing home of all places. I can’t imagine the responsibility that weighs so heavily on nursing home staff. Those everyday heroes save the lives of the most vulnerable in our community. I guess there will be a round of testing for everyone who has come in contact with the infected person. Please pray for the inhabitants of the home and all their worried family members.

Certainly, the staff will also be in danger and will need our prayers.

The thing is to be careful and observe the health suggestions.

I am very proud of our little school. Although we have a few students who have dragged their feet and not turned in work on time, the majority of students have completed the required course work and turned it in to the school. Credit for this goes not just to our teachers and support staff, but a large portion goes to the parents who have pushed their students to complete schoolwork. We have had to learn computer programs, Zoom meetings, virtual classrooms and all the coursework involved in the school year. Way to go parents. I am delighted and proud to say my science kids have outdone themselves.

Obviously, I am not fooling myself into thinking they learned all the work they had to do by themselves, but we will address that issue next year. At least they looked at the material. Some of the reports I have read from other parts of the country show less than 50% of students submitting work.

Russ is so excited; NASCAR is up and running. I don’t watch much TV, so lack of choice doesn‘t bother me. I watch the animal shows and NCIS. I occasionally channel surf for other shows. I like Criminal Minds and the forensic type shows. Russ loves Ravi Zacarias, Hugh Ross, and the apologetic's experts. Most of those folks are on later at night, so we don’t fight over the TV. I am catching up on my reading and yard work. I hope I get to go to Canada this summer. I was supposed to go on a mission’s trip to Alaska, but I have a conference that conflicts with that schedule. I can’t wait for our country to get back to normal. This country closure is not good for our morale.

It may not be good for our morale, but I believe it is good for our resolve and our character. Now is the time to show some John Wayne, True Grit. It is time to dig deep and show our country’s determination. We were formed with a resolve to gain personal freedom; we will fight to hold on to those freedoms. We must be cautious, but we cannot be careless.

Panzi Fikes lost her precious sister this past week.

George and Donna Hill have been able to get to their doctors for health issues. Robert Lewis is not doing well and needs our prayers.

Crystal Bench had an emergency procedure for her back issues, but she is recovering nicely. Mary Kate Adams also needs our prayers. I expect that more of us will get to visit doctor’s for nonemergency issues. I’m headed for the ophthalmologist to see how my peepers are doing. Please keep our elderly in your prayers.

To close out, please pray for our President and our legislators; pray for our country and its soon return to normalcy, our overworked health care personnel, our essential workers facing daily infection, and our law enforcement officers. If you see one of our graduates, give them a high five; I love those posters hanging up on the poles. We are all stressed with this pandemic. Most of all, pray for our precious troops and their families. May God heal and bless America. Don’t forget to keep attending your church. Have a great week, everyone.