UPDATE: Cases of COVID-19 for San Saba County 11-20-20


Information was provided by
Dr. Craig Whiting, Texas Department of State Health 
Services Local Health Authority,
and Marsha Hardy, Emergency Management Coordinator for San Saba County


UPDATE FOR 11-20-20



San Saba County = 16

City of San Saba = 43

(1 hospitalization)


San Saba County = 59

City of San Saba = 107


Total = 230

San Saba County = 76

City of San Saba = 154

Message from Dr. Craig Whiting: 
There are many factors contributing to the sharp surge in COVID cases that is occurring in Texas as well as the rest of the United States. We typically blame cold weather as a major factor because it drives people indoors where closer contact with others can speed contagion of viral infections. However, we have had a very mild fall, and so this does not seem a significant factor for us right now. What will bring people into closer contact is the Holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas are traditional times when family and friends gather, and this may accelerate or prolong the surge that we are seeing. The best advice is that we confine our family gatherings to those who live in the same household. While this will be a hardship for many, there is a way that you can still have “virtual time” with family outside your immediate household. If you have a cell phone, a tablet or a laptop computer, you can “FaceTime” or, if you prefer, the “Zoom” platform has announced that it will allow unlimited video calling during the Holidays.  Technology may provide a way to share time over the Holidays without risking infection.
There is a potential that the county authorities may find a way to bring rapid COVID testing to San Saba, hopefully there will be more information on that next week.
In the meantime... Wear your mask. Maintain social distancing. Use hand sanitizer. In other words, stay safe and love your neighbor.
Reminder from Marsha Hardy:
Keep trying to protect yourself and those around you! 
Simply:  wash your hands, wear your mask, pay attention to your surroundings and, mostly, be kind!
You can see updates during the week on our website:  www.sansabanews.com or on our Facebook page.
Cherokee ISD:  
Face-to-Face Education
Richland Springs ISD:
Face-to-Face instruction
San Saba ISD:
Thanksgiving Break for students starting one week early.