The Richland Springs Report


Finally, the last month of school. This has been totally frustrating and crazy. I hear stories from teachers in many districts. You have the kids who work in school; and now that they are responsible for doing work on their own, they totally get it done.

For those who regard schoolwork as something that gets done only when threatened or punished, nothing has changed. That may seem harsh given the circumstances, but I don’t teach babies. I expect my students to get their work to me. I do not expect little guys to be able to get work done on their own. I understand the trauma involved in teaching upper level subjects, but I believe I have taught my students to stand on their own. I might have to reevaluate my confidence in this belief. There are many rumors flying around. One is that we may return to school for the end. I cannot see this happening. But, what will happen to the kids who haven’t kept up with their work? Another rumor is about the pass/fail process. I don’t know what any of the think tank people are doing, but I know that we will have to make up this work. I know that my students may not be doing it right, but at least if they try, they will have some knowledge of the course materials for which they will be responsible next year. I just want to see a good work ethic without massive amounts of cheating.

Keep the work coming in, kids. I am proud to say, I have over 85% of my kids turning in work.

I have watched local church services from several area churches. We are all struggling a little because we do not have professional set-ups for this kind of presentation. After all these weeks of inadequate performance, I think we came close this Sunday.

Praise God we go back to church next Sunday. What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day. I hope my kids all take the time to make mom a special card. So, to all our video friends, come to church next Sunday. We will still have to social distance, but we have room. Let’s get together, worship the Lord, and visit with our friends. God is good.

Russ and I have been trying to support our local restaurants, but I really don’t like to eat out very often. I am one of the lucky ones who still has a salary, so I guess it is only right that I share some. If you haven’t done so, please support your local stores as much as possible. I want to give a big shout-out to Skelton Hardware. The Perry family has stepped up and is carrying basic groceries for those of the community that cannot get out. They do not have a large variety, but they cover all the basic needs for a home on lock-down. So, stop by, and see how you can help these excellent folks.

Speaking of excellent folks... Our little town is the recipient of several grants thanks to the work of our beautification committee. Please take a little time and thank these hardworking, lovely ladies and gentlemen for all they do. I am loving all the changes we are seeing under Mayor Reeves and the council. Several derelict homes and lots have been totally cleaned out, and the result is awesome. This has not been an easy task, and not everyone is happy to comply. But it is happening. Why not go by the next council meeting and say thank you! A little appreciation goes a long way to combat the negative. Good job, Mayor Reeves and the City Council members! I hear the city is looking for a trash truck driver. They must have a CDL to drive the truck. So, if you are looking for work, here is your perfect opportunity.

I hope everyone pays attention to the school page.

There is packet pick up every Monday. Not all teachers send out paperwork. I only send paperwork out to those students who are having connection issues. I just want them to keep working and not fall behind in their reading and math skills.

I think the American public is becoming frustrated with the lock-downs and the economic issues that the shutdown has caused. If this comes back next year, we will have a vaccine, and it won’t be a big deal. In the meantime, we need to be careful that our freedoms are not totally lost. The election playing field has been leveled a little now that the Trump economy has been decimated. So, we will vote based on the leader we think will bring us back to economic prosperity. It will be extremely important for eligible voters to get out and vote for their preferred candidate. I have my card and my ID ready to go.

I have optimistically booked a flight to Canada in late June. My hope and prayer is that the borders are open, and I can go see my family. The province of Ontario, where my family lives, has had more COVID victims than some of the other provinces. I think part of that is because it is a heavily populated province and has several larger cities.

I won’t have much of a summer this year since we will be going back to school the first week of August. I know some of you are shaking your head and thinking I have been off for several months. No, and again, no; my working hours are much longer than when I was going to school every day. I start getting assignments shortly after 7:30 a.m. from those students who are headed out to work with parents, and then throughout the day they trickle in until the last few which may come in as late as 10:30 p.m. I draw the line at taking lessons on Sunday. Most of all, I worry about what will face my students next year.

Please keep this pandemic in your prayers. Pray for all the families that are grieving around the world. Help us, Lord, to be wise about our public dealings and patient with the restrictions. We pray for all the people who are facing serious financial issues. I have several family members and children that are faced with loss of income. Please pray for all our essential workers and their families.

Keep our first responders and police officers in your thoughts. Most of all pray, for our precious troops and their families. Stay safe everyone. Turn in your work kids.