Pierian Study Club met September 10, 2020


The Pierian Study Club met September 10, 2020, for their first meeting of the year in the Gold Room at The San Saba Hotel. The Yearbook Committee, composed of Joanne Weik, Chairman, Gale Ivy, Marsha Smart, Celia Bell, Audrey Smith and Debbie Shahan, were hostesses for the meeting.

Members present were Anita Adams, Brooke Bagley, Donna Baker, Loy Nell Behrens, Celia Bell, Gail Bruner, Marcia Dyer, Kathleen Hawkins, Karen Henson, Marjean Henderson, Gale Ivy, Shelly Mahan, Ann McElroy, Lynn McHenry, Kathy McEwin, Cydney Pearce, Sherry Ruddick, Debbie Shahan, Patty Shaw, Linda Sloan, Marsha Smart, Audrey Smith, Sandy Smith, Kay Stowell, Patricia Warren, Martha Leigh Whitten, Bebe Bagley and Connie Adams. Kellie Reavis was a guest.

The tables were covered with crisp white table cloths with different colored runners. Antique handkerchiefs, which belonged to Debbie Shahan’s Mom, Bebe Faught, were placed as decorations on the runners. Heirloom dishes, belonging to members Debbie Shahan and Marsha Smart, were used for serving lunch. Centerpieces consisted of matching gravy dishes and china flower vases filled with Turk’s Cap Hibiscus, Plumbago, Coleus, Impatience, and Sweet Potato Vine.

The guests were served a delicious chicken salad on lettuce leaf, a green salad with poppy seed dressing, a variety of crackers, pecan pie tassies along with a gluton free almond flour tassie with a dark ganache chocolate Godiva bar. A slice of red watermelon completed the plate. Drinks served were water, ginger ale or peach sangria.

Prior to the start of the business, member Anita Miles gave a very touching and emotional memorial for Barbara Gilger. Barbara, who had been a member of the Pierian for many years, just recently passed away after a long illness. Barbara and Anita had met in their teen years and had remained best friends for many years. Many humorous stories from Barbara’s life were shared with members.

President Marcia Dyer opened the meeting by welcoming each member. Debbie Shahan led the Club Collect, and Treasurer Kathleen Hawkins gave the treasurer’s report of happenings since last March.

Each member received their new yearbook for the coming year. Yearbook Committee Member Celia Bell explained the theme of this year’s meetings, “Striving to Know our Community.” She discussed each month’s meeting location and program.

Other committee chairman who reported were Projects, Shelly Mahan; Entertainment, Patty Shaw; Membership, Kathleen Hawkins; and Contact, Sandy Smith, for Becky Whitley.

Kathleen Hawkins invited members to a 9/11 Remembrance on Friday, September 11, at the local police department. Members of the police, fire and first responders are to be honored.

The next meeting will be on October 8, 2020, at member Marcia Dyer’s house when a program on activities of the Hill Country Community Action will be presented by Ashley Johnson.