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    Happy Herman's Hideaway

Hello there, my San Saba beauties! I began that way because I had a wonderful idea: I think I should write a welcome brochure for San Saba to bring visitors here! Isn’t that a great idea? I haven’t figured out all the details yet, but it could go something like this…Nestled in the center of the Texas Hill Country 100 miles from Austin lies hidden a Texas treasure called San Saba. It is a city of beautiful parks, old town charm, innovative ideas and warm, welcoming souls. Walk into Harry’s Western Wear and smell the essence of the rodeo, the leather, and the old wood so many cowboys’ boots and spurs have scuffed and marked through the years. Walk upstairs to have a real Texas cowboy hat steamed specially to fit your head and to your specifications. Then you could walk across the street to the Wedding Oak Winery or to Old Man Scary Cellars for a Texas wine experience like no other.

Those are the things San Saba has, and perhaps other places do. But what makes San Saba a treasure is in the parks. One can picture your children playing Olly Olly Oxen Free, a rousing game of Chase, or catching lightning bugs and actually finding them when night falls. It is that sense of renting a place and feeling more at home, so tucked in, there is no need to check the door to see if it is locked or perhaps even caring if it is. San Saba is going for breakfast at Oliver’s and having a better breakfast than anywhere else because someone cared that you were eating it.

Anyway, my friends…that is how I think about San Saba and how I would write a brochure if this dachshund would write one. I have only lived here for four years, but that is because I have only been alive four years. But I have been to every single one of those places, so I know what I am talking about. Home is a very special place to me, and sharing it is something I really love doing. When people walk into my house, I run to them and give them the biggest hugs and so many kisses! I feel like when people drive down the hill, and entire San Saba, it kind of does the same thing. The parentals say even after fourteen years they still feel inspired when they see the town and feel excited to be home.

Now on to normal business... Mom needs some sledge hammer therapy! She actually believes insomnia is a terrible thing to waste, so she organizes, cleans and sweeps in the middle of the night when it invades. And I want to find not so subtle ways to put her to sleep! I understand not wanting to lie in bed to stare at a ceiling. But hey, she has books…read something woman; it is a quiet activity. She told me she has to read with a magnifying glass until she gets her new prescription from the doctor. I felt no sympathy…we have one! Mom is old, she does not need beauty rest. I, however, after staying up all night look like a wash cloth that someone put in a wood chipper by mistake! I am not having it!

My squirrel friends, Skippy and Rowena, separated, and for a time Rowena was living in our bamboo which I found so unfair and quite frankly irritating because it meant Skippy was still in the pecan tree next to dachshund jail and being obnoxious. I am not a lawyer and don’t even play one on television, but I gave Rowena a bit of sage dachshund advice and told her since Skippy was the one who had committed the violations, he should be the one to find other living arrangements. Who knew female squirrels could get so mean? I am happy to say Skippy is now living in another area of the yard, and Rowena is back in the pecan tree…all is well.

I am so sad Texas is experiencing such a sharp rise in virus cases. For mom, it means her quarantine will be extended indefinitely.

I love you, my San Saba friends, and I want you to take very good care of yourselves as you are very dear and special. I hope you have a wonderful week until we speak again, and thank you for being.