Happy Herman's Hideaway


Friends, Family and Fun


Hello there, my San Saba friends, and how in the world are you? I hope life has been treating you well, and you have been enjoying your summer days. Dad says there is nothing better than summer in San Saba because the humidity stays down south and not a cloud squeezing the life out of him! He truly loves living here.

We had the best weekend! My sister, Lani, her husband, Roy and her grandson, Zach, came to visit from Dickinson, Texas. I like to call Zach my gentle giant because he is 17 years old and is like 7 foot 5 inches! Dad grilled the most incredible ribs, beans, mom made broccoli/cauliflower casserole, and we had potato salad. We had not seen Lani in a year, and that is way too long before seeing family. So the visit was just so special, and besides…I got so many hugs, kisses and belly rubs!

I have a very sad announcement…Skippy and Rowena, my squirrel friends…are filing for divorce. It seems Rowena got tired of Skippy being a nut, too. I spoke to her, and she told me that, in the animal world, the owls act as judges because they truly are wise. She also said it gets pretty irritating listening to the judge ask who and having to answer a thousand times! She said perhaps Skippy and the Owl would make a good couple. I asked Skippy if he was upset about the divorce and want to know what he said…WHO? Oh my goodness, he is such a mess!

I have decided word politics has a new meaning…former humans covered in many ticks… blood sucking insects. Yep, one might enter that realm with high ideals and lofty notions, but with time, they end up being bloodless zombies walking among other bloodless zombies with hollow hearts and heads. I think I should run for political office…I take flea and tick medication…I am protected.

I was thinking about how strange this year began and continues to be. The virus has made the world feel as if it had been hit the face by a wild pitch. I may be a dachshund, but even I know life happens the way it does no matter how we live it. I might have wished the parentals would have fixed me a plate of food this weekend when everyone else was eating, yeah, wished it with all my heart, but I knew it would never happen. I can hope mom wakes up and feels wonderful, but I know she will have horrible days no matter what my heart wants. It is not what our heart hopes for but what our hearts do with what life gives us that counts. My heart wishes you great happiness and joy, my San Saba loves. I hope your week is wonderful until next we speak, and thank you for being.