Happy Herman's Hideaway


Happy Birthday America


Hello there, my San Saba loves, and Happy Columbus Day! Writers used to speak of penning the words they wrote which sounds so romantic, so personal. The founders of our country actually dipped their hopes in ink wells to write their brilliance of our future. I sit at a keyboard because mom fears I would dip my nose in the ink, eat the feather pen and make chicken our national food.

This past week, I have been known as Sir Barks A Lot. I have been busy barking at everything and nothing at all. I am rather proud of my big, loud, booming voice. You know, they do say big things come in small packages, and I, my loves, am proof positive! Look at me, and you may think I sound like a squeaky toy. But you would be shocked at the sound that comes out of my mouth. Pigs grunt, squirrels chatter, a cat meows and some dogs yap, but me, though a small dachshund I am, I have a big dog bark. While I thoroughly enjoy voicing my opinions loudly, my parentals do not enjoy listening to them. It is an unfortunate turn of events, but like all things in our house, I am the boss - so what I want is the rule…the bark stays.

Would someone please tell me why it felt like summer again this past week? I really thought I’d seen the last of dad’s blindingly white skinny legs, but nope, he was back to wearing shorts! Look, when he stands in the backyard and the sun hits those things in just the right way, I am blinded by the reflection! Too bad we can’t hit reset on 2020, start all over and make it like a menu where we order what we want from it.

I was having a discussion with mom, and I asked her why kids were afraid of the booger man when 99% of kids pick their noses? Mom laughed and told me I misunderstood, and it wasn’t the booger man but the boogie man children were afraid of. I shook my dachshund head because truthfully, I didn’t see a big difference there! There are so many more important things in life to be frightened of like hatred, calculated lies to turn humans against each other, greed, apathy and the unyielding need to be right even if one is wrong.

I love you, my San Saba dears, ever so much. I hope you have an amazing week until next I get to type, not pen, my thoughts to you again. I appreciate you so much, and I thank you for being!