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    Down Memory Lane
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From August 9, 1973 issue–LITTLE LEAGUE PLAYERS–These boys were working hard for starting positions on San Saba's newly formed Little League team in 1952, when scheduled to play Mason here in a return game at Memorial Park. The story with this picture, published June that year, said the locals would be seeking revenge for the 12-1 drubbing Mason handed them in the opening game of the season. Pictured in the top row, left to right: Carlton Gunter, Jackson Jones, Martin Long, Larry Hibler, Arlen Allen, Randall Goar, Eden Rogers, Jimmy Eden, Charles Terry and Glenn Gage. Bottom row: Bill Everett, Dean Taff, Owen Parks, John Reeves, John Parks, Steve Sadler, Larry Walker, Bobby Johnson, Homer Dan Neeper, Charles (Wimpy) Reynolds, Jackie Stafford and Bert Holland.


97 Years Ago

June 28, 1923

For the pecan caterpillars that are defoliating your pecan trees, try the following mixtures: 2 pounds lime, 3 pounds arsenic of lead, 50 gallons of water. Spray the mixture on the leaves and keep it stirred continuously while the application is being made. The caterpillars also have a habit of "balling-up" on the trunks and limbs of trees and it is easy to destroy many of them by knocking them off or burning at this time.

TO THE PUBLIC In observance of the Fourth of July as a legal holiday, we the following business firms will be closed the entire day: Garner-Alvis Co., T.C. Henry, W.P. Gunter, Casbeer & Shook, C.H. Biggs, J.C. Campbell, J. Walsman, Mosley Dry Goods Co.

The play entitled "Dust of the Earth" under the direction of Miss Lucy Rector and given for the benefit of the boy scouts was presented at the courthouse Wednesday night. The characters were all well presented and the play was very much enjoyed by those who were present to encourage the work of the local boy scouts.

Mrs. Dick Sullivan, of San Saba, Texas, who has been in California for the past two weeks visiting her brothers, Mr. Charlie and Dennis Burns, spent from Saturday until Tuesday with her sister Mrs. Love Jones. She will visit in Del Rio, Comstock and San Antonio, Texas before returning to San Saba–Lordsburg (N.M.) Liberal.

Mr. and Mrs. Hill DeWolfe and daughter, Miss Hilda Gene, stopped over here Wednesday to shake hands with old friends. They have the Movie stationed at Melvin at present.

Simmons and Gosch are putting on a holiday air by having the ceiling of their corner repainted.

The Bend is going to celebrate on the 7th of July.

New Fall Hats on display at–Mrs. W. R. Chalk.

Mrs. Moore and daughters accompanied her home for a visit.

Get a new hat for the fair at our special sale Saturday and Monday.–Mrs. W. R. Chalk.

Miss Clora Pridgeon is visiting friends in Temple this week.

We call for your cleaning and pressing and return it the same day.–CASBEER & SHOOK

77 Years Ago

June 24, 1943

Washington–Food wasted in American homes last year could have fed the entire population of this country–man, woman and child, soldier and civilian alike–for nearly eight weeks. That was 15 percent of the Nation's total 1942 food supply. In cold cash, based on the Nation's food bill estimates, Americans wasted $4,000,000,000 worth of food last year in their homes. The housewife threw 15 cents out of every dollar in the garbage pail.

War Time Advice– To relieve crowded trains and buses, the public is asked not to make unnecessary trips. ODT has defined trips for the following purposes as non-essential; (1) To other cities to visit friends; (2) home for the weekend; (3) sightseeing; (4) to the theatre, races, or other places of amusement; (5) any social travel or travel for pleasure; (6) travel merely for the sake of going somewhere.

A recent survey by County Agent A. B. Ford among 1000 farmers and ranchers in the county reveals that the labor problem is not serious in this county with only 143 laborers needed, according to returns on the 50 persons who have answered. Since no reply on many of them has come it is presumed that the others are not needing help. Most work will require some help at harvesting time with a few needed at present to assist in hoeing, reports showed.

E. E . Fagg, well-known real estate dealer of this city, has recently been sworn into the office of mayor here, completing the unexpired term of Clay W. Kuykendall, who has been named to the directorship of the Lower Colorado River Authority. Mr. Kuykendall has also severed his connection with the War Rationing Board, of which he has been chairman.

Corn in the Sloan community is being torn down and destroyed by 'coons, according to Jym A. Sloan, prominent farmer and rancher there. With 'coons tearing down and eating, with armadillos rooting up and with bugs of every description, the farmer and gardener has a tough time saving enough to eat and a little to spare, says Sloan.

BAREES The Heel-less Sox for Bareleg Comfort––A new idea for days when you don't wear hose. Barees just slip over your toes. . . and protect your shoes, too. Wear Barees with any type shoe . . . especially fine for open heels because they don't show. Buy several pairs. One size . . . fits any foot and every type shoe............................15¢ The BAZAAR