Don’t forget to respond: 2020 Census reminder postcards arriving


The U.S. Census Bureau is now sending reminder notice postcards to an estimated 69 million households that have not yet responded to the 2020 Census. About 53.7% of households across the country have responded since invitations began arriving in mailboxes on March 12. Those households that have not yet responded to the census will receive an in-person visit by a census taker to collect their information later this summer.

Starting April 27-May 9, households will receive another reminder postcard in the mail. Responding now to the 2020 Census minimizes the need for a census taker to visit your home later this year. For more information, visit <>.

For all media inquiries and requests on the Census mission and efforts, contact me at <douglas.e.loveday@2020census. gov>.

For the most up to date Census information, media can visit: <> or < news-events.html>.

Texas Self-Response Rate Still

Trails National Rate

The latest self-response data, from April 27, has Texas recording a 48.9% self-response rate, which trails the national selfresponse rate of 53.7%.

Williamson County leads Central Texas counties with a 57.7% self-response rate, with Comal County close behind at 55.5%. Other counties of note include Guadalupe (55.3%); and Travis (53.2%).

Check out real-time 2020 Census self-response rates (national, state, county and city rates) at < response-rates.html#>.