A Dog With Muddy Feet


Her feet were clean when we went to the barn to feed the animals. I gave the little orphaned goat his bottle of milk, the two lambs their milk and fed the chickens. On the way back to the pickup, I happened to look down and notice the dog’s feet were muddy. I had no idea where she got into the mud, but she did. Now she usually rides up front, and sometimes she even gets to ride in my lap with the window down (her favorite way). But not in the front seat of my pickup with those muddy paws, so it’s to the back of the pickup she goes. Now she doesn’t like to ride in the back, but when she has gotten in trouble, that is where she has to ride. Her situation reminds me of a problem Christians can have or get into. When we disobey God, (sin) or do things we shouldn’t, it hinders our relationship to and with Him, (Isaiah 59:1&2, Psalm 41:4). The more we sin, the further it takes us away or separates us from Him. Telling God what we have done and asking Him to forgive us is what we call confessing our sins. No confessing –No forgiveness, (Psalm 51:1-4, 1 John 1:9). She was allowed to ride in the front of the pickup with me again once her feet were clean. See you in Church when the doors are open again.