9-11 Commemorative Tribute

  • 9-11 Commemorative Tribute
    9-11 Commemorative Tribute

The worst terrorist attack, the single deadliest incident on US soil and US history, is still remembered 19 years later, and we will never forget.

On Friday, September 11, Keep San Saba Beautiful (KSSB) joined with the community in a moment of silence and prayer, remembering the 9-11 victims and first responders.

We will never forget 9-11, but with such a tragedy, we learn to appreciate the men and women that protect and serve us every day.

Gathered together, singing the National Anthem, law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency response personnel and all first responders were honored - recognizing and saluting them for their countless hours spent serving, for putting their lives on the line every day, not seeking glory or headlines, but for satisfaction of helping and saving people.

Proud To Be An American was played in the background while KSSB dedicated two planters positioned in front of the Police Station as a token of appreciation. While the plants that are grown in these planters beautify our town, may they signify first responders’ dedication and commitment.

KSSB and the community expressed a big THANK YOU to our local first responders. May the Lord keep them safe and sound.