The Richland Springs Report


I am starting this report a little early because I am not sure what the next 24 hours will bring. I noticed the radar and weather show snow hitting this area, and the cold remaining for a few days longer than the original forecast. Although my Canadian family is used to this kind of weather, we in Central Texas are not.

The major issue will be plumbing. Our pipes are not protected like those of our northern communities. The forecast said the snow should be here around 3 p.m. Sunday, but it is sleeting at 9:07 a.m. That could pose problems; the cold temperatures and resulting icy thaw, may well do more damage. I hope everyone has protected their pipes to the best of their ability. I want to give a huge shout out to Chris Perry and Skelton's Hardware for making heat lamps available. Thank you, Chris, for thinking of your neighbors. Just hunker down, everyone, and stay safe and warm. Say an extra prayer for all the water workers who will be kept busy over the next two weeks.

Speaking of workers, we were pleased to hear that Mondo Garcia received a good report from the heart doctor. It seems he is not in danger of a heart issue at this moment but has severe apnea. Fortunately, that can be controlled. We will continue to pray for his complete recovery.

We are praying for the sons of one of our Dallas friends. I'm not sure if he was in that Fort Worth pile up, but the call for prayer came out the same day. His name is Aaron. He is in a coma, his breathing is only at 50%, and he is not responding well. I taught this young man when he was in grade school some 20 years ago.

I have yet to hear, but if this weather continues, we will most likely have to go to virtual schooling. I can't begin to tell you how much I dislike virtual schooling. I could do a let me count the ways, but that would be counterproductive. I was thinking about those teachers up north who don't want to return to in-person teaching. I am going to go out on a limb and say that if you are not seriously health impaired, you should be in person teaching. If you are more worried about yourself, then you are not a good teacher. I realize that is judgmental, but a real, called teacher wants her/ his students to have a successful future. We don't count the cost; we work for the kids. It's too easy to stay home forgetting the trauma to parents and students and collecting a paycheck for absentee teaching. We must be in school for the good of our kids. This isn't a job; it's a calling for the future.

If you get in a bind during this next week, please call the Baptist Church or the Baptist manse to see if Brother Mack or folks in the congregation can be of assistance. The food bank is designed for the first and third Mondays, but someone can get you some food if you are short. You can also contact Shiloh for some assistance if you live a little further out of town. I haven't checked with them, but I know they have a heart to help. All churches will most likely be checking on their elderly to make sure they are managing this horrible weather. The positive aspect of this is we should have less bugs this summer.

There is sadness in the hearts of many people in the community at the passing of Mary Kate Adams. This wonderful musical saint of God was a blessing to all who came within her scope of influence. She loved her God, and her music and shared that love with all. No eulogy could cover the magnitude of the hearts and lives she has touched over the years. My only consolation is she is finally free from the pain she has borne over the last years, and her spirit is delighting in being with the Lord. There are no funeral plans at the moment, but we will celebrate and mourn her passing in our hearts.

Thank you, Mary Kate, for sharing your life with us.

Please pray for our country; perhaps with the acquittal of President Trump we can finally get down to the business of putting this country back on its feet. Our Congress needs to heal and work together. Please pray for peace in our country, safety for our police and ICE officers, the medical personnel who deal with this pandemic, and most of all our precious troops and their families. May God bless America and help us to get back on track. Stay safe and warm, everyone.