The Richland Springs Report


I forced myself to leave the front porch and come inside to type the column. It’s beautiful outside, cool, not much wind and crispy clean. It’s cool enough outside that I will have to get Russ an extra blanket for the bed. I should get my new chickens shortly; with any luck they will survive the hawks, owls, cats and whatever else is out there. Oh, do not forget the snakes. A chicken snake cleaned out my bluebird nest, and I shall add that predator to my list.

Did you get to be downtown Friday evening? Our graduating class paraded past all their fans, and we all had a grand old time yelling and clapping. For first-time parents with graduates, graduation is a little sad and frightening. There were anxious tears mixed with the happy tears. In spite of the lack of fundraisers, the graduates were able to get close to $1000 each for their end of year share. The community pitched in to send significant scholarships to many of the graduates. I was impressed by the number of students who were going to college. I am even prouder of the students who chose to attend technical schools. The goal, whether to pursue a four-year or two-year degree, is to be able to make a living when all is said and done. Good luck, and God bless to all our graduates.

I had a long talk with my sister in Canada. They are still pretty much shut down. My brother-in-law is an avid fisherman. They are allowing fishing, but only family members can fish in the same boat. She was telling me that one of their acquaintances went on a father-son fishing trip and were stopped by the police. Since they did not live in the same house, the police fined them $800 each. Plus, they showed up at the son’s house to see if the father was in the house. That is invasive as far as I am concerned. I know we have some governors who are passing some ridiculous laws to keep people at home. At any rate, she says unless the numbers in New York State are lowered, there will be no border opening yet. So, all I can do is hope and pray, or there will be no visit to Canada this summer.

I guess the squash crop is booming. I have heard several people offering to share their squash. I have many blossoms, and the bees are busy pollinating. I expect to have a good harvest to share with family and friends who may need squash. The tomatoes are growing and producing, but everything is still green. Somehow or other, I have ended up with only one okra plant. I did grow lettuce even though it is late. Obviously, it will not grow big and fat, but I am enjoying fresh lettuce in my salads. I have six fine healthy corn plants complete with tassels. This is the first year that my garden has looked so good.

School is officially finished. Report cards will go out in the next week or two. I hope everyone noticed that the summer office hours are 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Although teachers and students are done, office staff and administration personnel must keep working. Coach Burkhart tells me that UIL will be allowing practice through the summer. I expect that is really bad news for students in athletics. So, students, enjoy your time off while you can. I hope everyone continues to read over the summer.

I don’t know what the new school year will bring, but I expect it will be a challenge for all concerned. Please pray that we can return to school on time and in person. Pray for some peace in our country. Our President and Congress need some serious prayers and lessons in civility. Pray for our beleaguered police men and women. Most of all, pray for our precious troops and their families.