The Richland Springs Report


I am pleased to say the junior high One Act Play won first place in district. They brought home a bucket full of medals. Mrs. Sarah Locker, director, has been working with these students all year. Mrs. Hall has shared her years of experience as a technical adviser. That advise has been beneficial, even if difficult at times. Marshalling students of this age takes immense patience. Congratulations, ladies, for all your work. Super congratulations to these first-time actors on their District win.

Their talent will be much appreciated in high school.

Basketball is underway for the girls and junior high teams. So far, they are playing well. It is early in the season, and players are learning to trust one another and play as a team. Coach Chandler does her best to keep them in peak physical shape. I have enjoyed watching our junior high teams; they are excited and exciting.

I have worked with them for years, and now they are independent and stepping out on their own. I am getting up there. One of my students from previous years has a child in my class. Where have the years gone?

This is one year I am anxious to get behind me. I don’t know about other schools, but not only do I miss teaching students; virtual learning is a farce. It’s not just the needed face time for instruction, it’s the work ethic that is destroyed. I have my hopes focused on 2021. Surely the end of this school year will be better than 2020. There is a light on the horizon with the new vaccine.

Let’s get some happy going. I have most of my Christmas shopping completed. Russ and I are going to meet the boys and their families in Fredericksburg for Christmas at the park. If I can hug my kids, I am happy. It won’t be long before all of them will be moving on to pursue careers.

History tells me that visits to Granny’s house are less frequent.

Thus, runs the circle of life. Russ is staying home, but my next two columns will be written from the home of my youngest son, Shane, and his wife, Earnie. I am excited to get out of town and do something different. I will try not to turn on the television or open my Facebook. So, if you don’t hear from me, don’t panic. I hope someone will go into competition with Facebook. I will close out my account and never be seen on that page again. I am tired of the anger and lies that pop up on my screen.

I guess it’s time for a change. I enjoyed the parade Saturday in San Saba. I’m not sure which tribe performed the native dancers, but it was very entertaining. I presume this is an annual event. I can’t believe I have missed that all these years. Russ and I moved to the farm in 2005.

Russ and I went around and drained some faucets preparing for the next few nights of cold weather. On the funny side, I received a picture from a Fort Worth number that showed a blob of white stuff. I messaged back to ask who was sending me that picture and were they showing me snow. It turned out to be a student who had made their playdough. It was indeed playdough, unfortunately her uncle threw out her masterpiece because he thought it was trash. I gave her credit for effort.

Prayer needs for the week continue to be rain, our elections, our President, and our form of government with its wonderful system of checks and balances. We have multiple community members requesting prayer for illness. There has been a rash of community deaths which means there will be families who will face this holiday season with sadness in their hearts. Please pray for them. The Volunteer Fire Department is handling the Christmas gifts this year. If you want to help with gifts, money, or need a gift for a child, please contact them.

Please pray for all the workers who are keeping us going during this pandemic. Most of all pray for our precious troops and their families. Congratulations on the Lusty and Elkin families for having your soldiers home for the holidays. I believe the Brown family might get to see their son as well. Home for Christmas, what a glorious thought. Stay warm everyone and have a great week.