The Richland Springs Report


I have decided to take the quilting bull by the horns and buckle down. I have had the hardest time over the past few months trying to get this grey baby girl quilt to take shape. I’ve ruined a few pieces of material and racked my brains for something that would spark my creative juices. Like the land around me, it has been dry, dry, dry. Last night I switched the orientation of the pieces, removed one color combination, and tried a rather dull color to offset the grey and black. The resulting pattern was one I believe I can make into something pretty. It will still not look like a little girl’s quilt, but that is what my grandchildren want. It is unlike anything I have ever made. I wish I didn’t have to go to school on Tuesday; the quilters are meeting for an allday sewing marathon. I could possibly get this finished, so that it can go to the quilting machine. I have a ton of work to go, but at least I can see a decent finished product.

I went to vote last week. The process was quick, effcient and there was only one other person voting. I also placed my school bond vote. There has been a good turn out for both the general election and the school bond vote. The school sent out a good-looking brochure explaining the purpose of the bond. I don’t know how the vote will go, but it is up to our local population to pass or put off this project. There is no doubt we need repairs on multiple areas. I think under normal circumstances this might easily pass. Unfortunately, we are at a stage in our history where people don’t trust government offcials. I hate to think national politics will taint our local issues. Just a short week away and then we will see what happens. We need some peace, law and order, and unity whatever happens.

Our students are facing their second six-week completion. We are all well, and I can say there is no substitute for in person teaching. We have no cases of COVID, and with the flu season approaching, we are preparing for an influx of germs. All teachers work in germ factories, and many of us are immune to most of the bugs our kids bring to class. We have had several little stomach bugs visit, but nothing serious at this point. I understand the jail and the nursing home contain most of the active cases, my prayers go to our elderly and incarcerated. The workers for both facilities need our prayers as well. I’m sure my next clinic visit will have the doctor telling me I need to take a flu, pneumonia and shingles shot, but I believe I will hold out on all of them for now. Russ, on the other hand, needs to take the shot.

Friday night’s game against Mullin was played in bone chilling weather. Obviously, it is not as cold as my home country of Canada, but it was cold. The pain was not experienced for an exceptionally long period. The Coyotes completed the mercy rule with three minutes to go in the half. It would have been sooner but for a careless mistake on the goal line. The Mullin team played hard, but with a lineup of speedsters, the Coyotes are tough to play. The 46-0 score was quite different from last week’s 84-81 score against Cherokee. Fans might get to see another close match up later down the line.

We are still without our pastor. He is off doing basic training for the Army. The young men who get to hear him preach and listen to his teaching are fortunate. He is a wise and balanced preacher. Johnny Reeves has filled in the gap for us at the pulpit. I can’t say enough about this fine man. He is doing a super job as mayor. He has other responsibilities, and he still finds time to work on thought provoking sermons. I know he gets many calls, some of which are not pleasant. If you see him around town, give him a thumbs up and a kind word of thanks.

The Monday Church will have to be cancelled on November the 2nd since the teachers have an in-service meeting to attend. Services will resume on the 9th. I wasn’t sure how this four-hour program would work, but I think I can safely say it is going splendidly. The kids are enjoying themselves and the teachers are on fire as well. Thank you, parents, for allowing your kids to attend.

It has been quite a sad week for our little community. Our condolences go out to the Lusty, Mayor, Killion, Vogel and Lewis family on the passing of their loved ones. Robert Lewis was 101 years old and never waivered in his faith and commitment to this community. Funeral arrangements will be posted on the community board for each of the loved ones mentioned.

We have a long list of sick folks as well. At least a half dozen people are fighting cancer, a couple are facing serious surgery, and a few are recovering from COVID. If you can help someone you know who is not doing well, please take the time or send a note letting them know they are not forgotten.

So, with an election around the corner, please pray for our President, the Congress, our elections, our police officers and the sick around our country and the world. We have reached the desperate stage where rain is concerned. Please take the time to petition our Lord for the rain we need. Hold our medical personnel, and all the workers who are keeping this country going up in prayer as well. Most of all, pray for our precious troops and their families. Have a great week.