The Richland Springs Report


I guess we are entering our fall season. I was positive Friday night as I stood at the gate collecting money for an absolutely nail-biting game. That wind and cooler temperatures meant I needed a jacket. Coyote and Indian fans were treated to a tremendously exciting and long game. There were no mercy rules in play for this game. Cherokee took the early lead. The Coyotes would catch up only to lose the lead again thanks to the awesome skills of a young man with the last name Arkansas. Up until the last minutes it was unclear as to who would be the winner of the contest. Two tiny mistakes gave the Coyotes the opening they needed to clinch the win. Both teams of athletes should be enormously proud of the game they played. Final score for this blockbuster game was 84-81. Way to go Coyotes. Our favorite senior cheerleader Barbara stepped into a hole and fell. This didn’t stop her though. She is a fighter just like our Coyotes. The Fifth Quarter after the game was attended by jubilant fans and weary ball players. Thank you once again to our church communities that provided a delicious meal for us. The chicken spaghetti, crunchy cheese breadsticks, Caesar salad and tea were topped off with some delicious desserts from Shiloh ladies. The chocolate cake was sinful.

I want to pause for a moment and make a statement about folks with differing opinions. Our current atmosphere is not really open to listening to opposing opinions. I have heard some negative comments about the bond election that is proposed on the ballot. I respect the opinions of both sides and recognize the validity of the arguments of both sides. The pro-bond folks would like to improve our facilities especially those that are seriously outdated and in ill-repair. The anti-bond folks are concerned that our first loan has not been repaid and entering another debt just doesn’t seem like sound fiscal responsibility at this time. There have been no meetings open to the public due to our present COVID restrictions, and this lends itself to misunderstandings. If you have questions, the public can attend board meetings with suitable face coverings. The goal with any problem under discussion is that you keep an open mind and listen to the arguments for and against. Do your homework and vote for what you believe is good for yourself and your community. This is a free country, and each of us has the right to an opinion. Be respectful and listen. We live in a great country.

I went to Home Depot Saturday, and much to my chagrin, there were the Christmas trees and decorations calling out my name. I don’t want to think about that yet; I have Thanksgiving to celebrate first. The Fall Festival has been cancelled for this year. I’m not sure what will happen with trick or treating. I guess that will be up to individual communities and parents. This is just a disturbing and disturbed year. I will be glad when 2021 gets here. Which also brings to mind the upcoming time change. It will be November 1st. I don’t like the time change practice, but now I will dislike it even more. I will be going to school in the dark, the kids will be up at least two hours before it is daylight, and it will be dark not long after we get home. I will have to work on having a more positive attitude. At least evenings and mornings are cool, so that is great football weather.

We have a couple of folks in the community headed for surgery shortly, Tiny Shannon is doing better as well as several others who are making progress with their cancer treatments. Our condolences to the Dagen family in Brady on the loss of their teenage son Sam. Please pray for the other families in the area who have lost family members.

Please remember to wear your mask when out in public and wash your hands frequently. Remember to vote, pray for our President and the upcoming elections, and pray for Congress to work peacefully together. Pray for our law offcers around the country, and most of all pray for our precious troops and their families. Have a great week and pour your heart out to God for some much-needed rain.