The Richland Springs Report


My chicken coop is not the best or most expensive coop to be sold by TCS, but it has done a good job for the last few years. This year my son-in-law, Mark, nailed it together in several spots, but it is a fragile little coop. The recent beautiful rains caused the wood to swell, and once I lowered the back door, I couldn’t get it shut. So, for the past week, I have wired the back door shut to keep varmints away from the chickens. Tonight, I was able to get that door to shut properly. My six little chickens are fluffing out, and at least one of them is laying an egg a day. The alternate explanation is that each hen is laying an egg once a week. I couldn’t even guess that answer. There is something very primal about harvesting your own chicken eggs. It’s a very satisfying feeling.

A few years ago, my class raised enough money to buy chickens and ducks for the Heifer International program. It’s a pass it forward program that assists lower socioeconomic people around the world lift themselves from starvation to at least a life sustaining level. As I watch these chickens, I can see how being able to provide for our family is a liberating feeling. I feel a certain level of commitment to these chickens, but I can’t say I have any great feelings for creatures that have so little sense. I am not looking forward to caring for them this winter. I’m not sure my coop is winter friendly. I think it is a miracle of God that they have survived to lay eggs.

As I watched the chickens tonight, I noticed that they remind me a little of the rioters. One rioter does something to attract attention, and the others just run in to take part in the action. They scurry in every direction looking for something to destroy. The chickens are tearing up plants and exposing bare dirt; the rioters are tearing up lives and exposing the dirty side of their personalities. I think I like chickens better than rioters. That’s to put it mildly. People who kill and destroy are not protesters; they are domestic bullies and criminals.

We have been in school five weeks now, and there have been no cases of COVID. I wish I could say that all our students were being good about the masks, but most of them are trying. They don’t have the same reasoning skills as adults, and most cannot see the reason for wearing a hot sweaty mask. Using childish reasoning skills, they see the demands and requirements as unreasonable and unnecessary. I’m not sure, but their skills may be better than the decision makers in charge.

Monday Church is scheduled to meet next Monday the 21st. The vans will be around to pick up attendees between 9:45 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Forms will be sent home this week. Please fill them out and return them to Sue Ransom at the school. That’s me! The form needs emergency numbers and clear directions if your child is too young to know where they live. If the time is too long, we will reduce it by an hour. We are good to go and anxious to start.

I have invited my sister-in-law to come and visit for the weekend. I can’t explain how I felt when her beautiful sigh of appreciation changed to uncertainty about leaving her home. She has been housebound for six months. I cannot imagine being cooped up. I am not a chicken, and freedom is important to me. I hope she shakes off her fears and comes for a relaxing weekend here in beautiful Richland Springs.

Praise God for our recent rains. It will be beneficial to our ranchers and farmers. We have a handful of local folks who are fighting cancer. All of them need our prayers. The last news for Tiny Shannon was that his chemo was doing well. Others are still trying to find a clear path. We have several more local folks headed for day surgery who need our prayers. Please pray for our President, Congress and Supreme Court. Remember to pray for the upcoming elections and be sure to go vote. More police officers have lost their lives during this anti-police mayhem. Please pray for our wonderful police officers and their families. We have an away game this week, so we need prayers for safe travels. Most of all pray for our precious troops and their families. Have a great week.