The Richland Springs Report


It grieves me to look out over my beautiful trees and see the leaves turning brown. They are parched, and I fear I will lose more of them this year or next. I thought we might get some rain Saturday, but it passed us by. I know many people are praying for rain, but we need to get serious about it.

There were quite a few people at the prayer meeting last Sunday. Mill Pond Park is looking so good. They have made some changes since I was there in January. There were a few people enjoying the swimming area. I for one miss the swimming pool. I hope the pond is filling the void of the pool. The prayer meeting under the rotunda lasted about an hour. I’m glad we were able to shelter from the sun. Many people prayed from their homes due to the extreme heat.

Our first week of school is in the books, and everyone survived. I can’t say it was totally comfortable thanks to the masks, but we did get the first week out of the way. It is going to take a few weeks to get students and teachers back into a daily pattern, but we will get there. I haven’t heard if the football season is good to go. I believe the cross-country season has been cancelled. I wish I could make sense of some of the do’s and don’t’s for our sports teams.

I ran by the Skelton’s Hardware store to pick up some water this weekend. I love the new look of the store, and the convenience of picking up last minute sandwich meat, bread, and milk is wonderful. They are keeping a small number, but useful, grocery items to save long trips to San Saba or Brownwood. So, like they say at Christmas, keep your community thriving; shop locally. I have eaten at the Coyote One Stop and The Feedlot. Both establishments are great local lunch venues. Don’t forget, for all your glass needs, contact Mann Glass. I wouldn’t want to leave out Stacy Kubin and her beautiful T-shirts.

The food distribution program run by First Baptist is servicing the Richland Springs area. Volunteers delivered 100 boxes of food to families in town. If you need a box of fruit and veggies and live outside of town, please come by Saturday morning, and someone will give you a box. Please remember, the first and third Mondays the food pantry is open from 5:30-6:00 p.m. to anyone in Richland Springs. Thank you to the members of Shiloh and First Baptist for supplying school supplies to students.

I think the first fund raiser for the school is going to be those cute coyote face masks. I feel confident that they will sell out of this item in a hurry.

We have quite a few sick folks needing prayer. Amber Moreno, Bob Johnson, and Tiny Shannon are fighting cancer. Will Robertson will be receiving a bone marrow transplant. Micky Allen has been under the weather for several weeks now. Our country, our elections, our President and Congress all need hours of prayers. I can’t wait to vote in November just so that the constant political ads stop. I’ll bet they are keeping the post office busy.

Our brave men and women in law enforcement need our prayers and love. I am praying that our country settles down and returns to peace, law, and order. Although I will not take it, please pray that the COVID vaccine will pass the trials. For now, mask where needed, wash hands, cover coughs and keep your distance. We will overcome this monster.

On the positive side, Walter Stratton is recovering beautifully from his eight-hour surgery. Arlene gets to keep him close until he heals. Babies are appearing everywhere. Franky and Esmeralda Soto have welcomed a new granddaughter, Rob and Kathy Brockman welcomed a new granddaughter, Dale and Terry McKinnerney have a new grandchild, and Russ and I were delighted to welcome a new great-granddaughter, Halen Avery Moss. Little Halen was born on the same date as my granddaughter Kaitlynn. So, this old granny gets to remember two birthdays at one time. When you see Gerald McKee, wish him happy birthday. He and Kay have guests this week. The triplets are coming to the country to get away from Houston.

Keep our kids, parents, and teachers in your prayers. Most of all, pray for our precious troops and their families. Have a great week everyone.