The Richland Springs Report


I had to dig out my warm jacket and snuggly-blanket for the couch. I just don’t do cold anymore. It really is sad that you can live for 21 years in a snowy environment, then start complaining about a cold snap. No fear, 80 degrees is near, and life will be good again.

I have plants ready to go into the ground. I have chickens to keep the grasshopper population under control, and a bag of NoLo for further grasshopper eradication. I am even going to plant a kiwi. I didn’t read the box, but Russ did, and it gave me a moment’s pause. It says it grows to 25 feet tall. I will have to rethink this, but it will be fine for now. The NoLo is a powder you sprinkle on the ground, and the grasshoppers and crickets eat it. This causes growth of a spore and death. Since these nasty bugs are cannibals, they eat the dead ones and spread the spore. It is not supposed to effect any other insects. I hope that is true because the chickens will want to eat some of these bugs as well. Maybe I will be able to grow some plants this year without them being eaten by the grasshoppers.

We had a lovely three-day weekend, and believe me it was needed. I drove to Stephenville Friday and had dinner with my granddaughter, Kaitlynn. She is in her sophomore year at Tarleton. She is a precious young lady and will make a great nurse. I have a beautiful picture of her caring for the sick to carry in my mind. Even though we were both full, we treated ourselves to a shared blackberry cobbler with ice cream. Cotton Patch makes some pretty scrumptious food. We ate the whole cobbler!

The trees are all popping out, and the increase of allergy-related sickness is on the rise. The pecan trees are just now budding out. I even saw a mesquite tree with its buds. That is supposed to mean the frosts are over. I’m not sure I believe that, but I can hope. I have gardening fever and plants that want to have a permanent home instead of a camper house.

My daughter Christine left me a message to say we needed a monarch butterfly way station. I will get back to her and tell her if that is what she wants, then she better get down here and get busy planting. I have a full plate. It is almost testing season.

We start the first round of testing next Tuesday and Wednesday. Parents, they will need healthy snacks and plenty of rest. I wish it were not so stressful, but my wishes don’t count. I try to make it as relaxing as possible, but you can only take so many breaks. I feel for the lower elementary teachers because they have to try and keep active young children quiet for hours. That’s almost as hard as the testing. We will survive and succeed.

Russ and I spent several hours, frustrating hours, trying to buy a gasket for the carburetor for the Troy Bilt lawn mower we have. We finally had to call in the young folks to get the job done. We needed a two-dollar part, but could not get it without buying an assembly that was much more expensive. We need the mower, so now we have a complete carburetor on its way.

We have set the date for the science fair early. Since we have to have a parent meeting in the spring, we will combine that meeting with the science fair. That means the evening of April 23rd, we will fill our elementary halls with science kids and happy parents. I look forward to seeing all of you there. I believe that festivities will start around 6 p.m. A note will be coming home soon.

Another sad day in America as one of our men in blue is slain in a senseless shooting. Our boys in blue are under attack as they have never been before. All too often our police are being targeted by criminals. Please give them your support. We have several local ladies who have been faced with the dreaded cancer diagnosis. Our prayers go with them as they begin this journey towards recovery. Our government needs prayer as well. I think it will be important this coming election to get out and vote. I hope there will not be 34 million Christians that stay home this time. My son and his wife are retiring from the Air Force after 27 years of service. They will start a new journey in life and my prayers go with them. Most of all please pray for our precious troops and their families.

The sun is getting ready to go to bed, and so must the chickens. It’s amazing how many critters like chicken for dinner. Have a great week everyone.