The Richland Springs Report


We’ve been doing fairly well as far as the sick season is concerned, but it looks as if the flu and strep season is about to hit us here in Richland Springs. We’ve had a few cases, but last week our absentee list grew longer. I hope it all comes to an end quickly.

Tuesday is voting day and I hope and pray everyone went out and voted in their respective primaries. I am ashamed to say I have never really taken the primaries seriously. I am even more ashamed to say I haven’t looked at the propositions closely. One of my students was the person who clued me in to the differences. Did you know that the propositions for the Democratic and Republican parties were totally different? Now that I have studied them, I understand.

The Republican ticket wants you to vote on things they think are important for their party platform. The Democratic propositions do the same for them. I shall pay more attention in the future.