The Richland Springs Report


I am in mother’s heaven. I have managed to see all four of my children in the last two weeks. My youngest son, Shane, and his wife, Earnie, were here for the day on Saturday. My youngest daughter, Christine, and her husband, Bobby, came last week and helped install my floors. Thursday, I was lucky enough to attend my grandson, Dustyn’s, strange graduation, and Tracy now lives here on the property with her husband, Mark.

Russ and I traveled to San Antonio, the land of face masks, to attend the ceremony. He was allowed four guests. Teachers were placed strategically along the corridor route to the auditorium. Once there, he was allowed to take off his mask as he stood in the middle of the stage all by himself. We four privileged people shouted and clapped for him as he stood smiling. Once photos were taken, we headed back outside. Even at the restaurant you had to be masked until you were seated at a table. On the upside of all the strangeness, my granddaughter’s graduation was 3 ½ hours, so time-wise, this was much better. Although significantly different, these adapted ceremonies around the country are providing unique memories. Life goes on with or without the corona virus.

Like many nursing students, my granddaughter is wondering if she will be able to finish her nursing course. She will be a senior, and doing clinicals online just doesn’t work. We must get back to school. I worry about my students and how difficult things will be next year. I’m not even sure how we can recapture the lost teaching and learning time. Only time will be able to tell us the damage done by distance learning. If I haven’t said it before, let me say I appreciate all the hardworking parents who struggled to help get work turned in on time. Congratulations parents... you survived distance learning.

I’m sure most of you have noticed that Clorox wipes are nowhere to be found. I do not begrudge all the public venues that need them, but it makes it difficult to COVID clean my surfaces. Friday, I decided that I would buy the Clorox spray and use that for cleaning. I liberally sprayed my counter and prepared to wipe it clean. I made a mental note that it had a very strong bleach smell. That was good, but as I leaned over my counter in my pretty navy shirt, a thought came to me. I wonder if this will bleach my clothes if it gets on them. The answer to that question is yes. I have a pretty navy shirt with reddish patches on the front. One more thing to chalk up to this COVID mess.

The borders have been shut down for another month. That means there will be no visits to my siblings this year unless I go during the winter. I am not a winter fan, especially in Canada. I guess I will have to use the computer and video chat with my sisters. I can’t do that with my brother because he doesn’t have a computer. He is in an assisted living community. I can’t imagine how he is doing after all these weeks in isolation. Just think of the thousands of senior citizens and people like my brother who have been forced to remain alone. I feel for the caregivers and for the patients. This is still a big mess.

Many churches are still doing the online services as well as in person services. Although this is good for our shut-ins that have computers, I am still not happy with it. I don’t like the sound of my voice through the computer. I keep telling Russ if I sound that bad, I need to give up singing. Our new preacher, Bro. Mack, sounds great, but the system is not doing full justice to the ladies that sing their hearts out on Sunday. Galen, Jessica, Chris and Caden are all working hard to get the sound system perfect, but I guess it’s the imperfect people who are singing that is messing it up. At any rate, I am having to swallow my pride and stand up there looking short and fat. Oh, I forgot, that is what I am. The joke is on me. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you need a chill pill. I encourage everyone to check in online with your church or some other church service to stay connected. We have many good local pastors and of course our TV folks. My favorite TV preacher is Robert Morris. I am looking forward to next week’s special. The Strattons are going to provide the Sunday special. Arlene tells me they will be doing “In the Palm of His Hand.” Tune in or come in for this special treat.

I’m happy to report that newborn Kathleen Hazel Oldham has been released from the hospital and is home with her family, especially Granny Kathy Brockman. The Baptist Church was left open for all to come and pray for this precious little baby as she struggled with her oxygen levels. The church family came together and separately to lift her up to God. The prayers were answered, and she is home and well.

We are praying for Floyd and Susan Gossett’s granddaughter, Nicole. Doctors are trying to find a way to give Nicole a better quality of life as she has struggled with seizures all of her life. The tests went well, but these next few days are very critical. Your prayers are appreciated. Beatrice Soto had her first cataract removed last week. After a period of healing she will have the other one done. Jean McKee’s granddaughter, baby Elizabeth, is also in serious condition and needs our prayers. The family of Mike Fitzgerald needs our prayers as well. Our condolences are extended to the June Carter family.

We need a good rain to soak our pastures and trees. Our tank has gone down quite a bit. Our country is in a giant mess and requires many people praying for peace and calm in our nation and on our streets. Our police need not only our prayers, but God’s protection from all this violence. God bless America and may God protect His precious troops and their families. Don’t forget the community clean-up on Saturday. Come to the Tabernacle at 8:00 a.m. for donuts and juice, and bring your work gloves. It’s time for Stars and Stripes!