The Richland Springs Report


I am excited that Texas is reopening its economy though on a limited basis. Deep in my heart, even though I knew it didn’t make sense, I was hoping that our schools would reopen. The polls are showing the response levels of different states.

I am proud to say our kids are getting their work in, for the most part. Most of my classes are over 80%. My teacher heart is grieving because I know that even though work is coming back, I can only imagine the lack of understanding that is going on. I grieve for the extra work that will have to be done next year. It won’t be just hardship for teachers, but students as well. The effect of having half the year off, with little to no new learning happening, is going to be difficult for all.

I strongly encourage students and parents to do the best you can, seek help where possible, and try to absorb the material. This is a true test of character for all. Some of the older students, according to the Facebook comments, are trying to take the easy way out, and I feel sorry for them. They are hurting themselves in the long run.

Hardships should build character, not destroy it.

The younger students need hands on training and their teachers are the most keenly stressed by their absence. All those fun activities and songs that go towards capturing the life of learning are not there. Parents are having to continue with their daily routines while finding the time to become a teacher in numerous subjects. Part of the fun of teaching is the interaction between students and teacher. I can’t honestly say it is always fun; you parents are with them, you know. Still, watching young minds struggle with problems or working out complex ideas keeps you young. Suffice it to say, we miss our students. This new learning environment just doesn’t cut it.

I get frustrated on Sundays because we work so hard to make things perfect for our homebound worshipers, and it just seems as if things go wrong. Part of the issue is you have amateurs working with complex issues and inadequate technology. My blessing is that we are at least trying to get it right. I hope we get back to meeting and greeting soon. Like I said last week, social distancing is prefect for introverts, but for huggers like me. . . it is agonizing. I think people who need hugs are going to go into depression. We will have to be careful, even after we are freed from our prison bars, but it will help if we can just get close to one another. There are grandbabies out there who need granny hugs. There are students out there who need a hug and a word of exhortation and encouragement. Stay connected with your loved ones and members of your community.

If you need anything, please contact one of the churches. Members are hampered by being able to go out and knock on doors, but we can respond if we are asked. Mayor Reeves and the City Council have been doing a magnificent job of cleaning up our little town. The beautification committee is adding that special touch. Thank you for all you do.

If you want to donate to this committee, please contact Paige Moats or go to the Facebook page and show your support. There are a number of fine and talented ladies and men on this committee, but Paige is the only name that comes to the front of my brain at the moment.

Don’t forget Monday pick up at school. The materials will be outside the library in boxes. Please come by between 9 and 4 to get your student’s work.

On a positive note, my roses are stunning. I can sit at the picnic table under the trees and the smell assails my nostrils. David Austin has marvelous roses and Russ always buys the ones that smell strongly. With so many blooms right now, it is almost too much to bear. Mind you, with all these hefty winds, the petals tend to disappear.

So, pray for our country, our President, the virus committee and all the governors who are trying to get their states back in business. Pray that once we are released from this bondage that we will be reasonable about our contacts. I’m not sure how many millions of people have lost their jobs, but they need our prayers.

There are tens of thousands of families grieving for loved ones who have lost the virus fight. Please keep them in your prayers. I send out a hearty and grateful thank you to all the people who are considered essential and must face danger every day. Be wise, be cautious. Support your local businesses, and most of all pray for our precious troops and their families.