The Richland Springs Report


I am late getting this edition in again. I think it is a result of several things; the first is I am on this computer for hours every day working with Google classroom. Students, parents and teachers are slowly making themselves familiar with this online teaching tool. The second reason links with the first. Once all the assignments are collected; they must be recorded in another program.

The final reason is the extended hours on the computer. I am not computer ignorant, but I am definitely disliking all the new programs that I must learn. I almost yelled at the screen after trying to capture student materials.

So, I will take just a moment to air my dissatisfaction with all this new material. It would be wonderful if all of it would actually work. Heaven forbid that programs opened, work transferred and work automatically was completed properly and on time. The upside is we are all going to be better computer students and for the kids it will make college work easier.

I spoke with my son in San Antonio and he said that all their work has to be done and turned in on the computer; no written paperwork is accepted.

I have a new computer. It is supposed to be fast. Unfortunately, since everyone in the world is using Google and internet, it is not as fast as I would like it to be. Whenever you change computers, things disappear. I was positive that I had moved everything over from the old computer to the new. I guess I must have had too many vitamin B gummies. I can see that it’s going to take me some time to find all the things that are missing.

Naturally you find that kind of information when you are in immediate need of the file. Still, I have no where to go, so I guess I have time to find what I need.

New protocols are suggesting that we wear a bandana mask when we go into public. I find it difficult to do that here in our little country. I recognize that my reasoning is not good. Just because we don’t have any cases, doesn’t necessarily mean there are not sick people out there who are spreading their germs.

Just look at the Brookshire’s case in Brownwood. The clerk there was at work for at least three days before she was sent home. My question is, when did she start spreading germs?

The testing process is strange to me. People can be tested multiple times, go home negative, and then become positive. We need to keep our trips outside the home down to a minimum. We must stop the spread of this ugly disease.

I am enjoying all the church services online. We are still try ing to improve our audio-visual output. I am not patient with this kind of technology e it her. I think we will have this down shortly. I hope we do by next week.

Russ still doesn’t want to look at the social media pages, but if he wants to watch his wife sing at church; he will have to watch me online.

Parents, please be patient, we will all get better with this schooling style. I have some kids who think they are out for the year, but that is not a given yet. As a teacher, I am committed to covering the required course material before the end of the year. I realize that makes me less than popular, but we have core subjects that build upon the previous year’s work. So, hang in there everyone and get the work done.

Obviously, we must pray for our nation and this pandemic. The effect of the economic damage will be far greater than the disease itself. That is not to belittle the many deaths that have occurred.

As President Trump says, he is not willing that one person should perish. So please, keep grieving families in your prayers. Pray for our nation’s unity, economy and health.

Keep our medical workers on the top of your prayer list, but most of all pray for our precious troops and their families. Stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands.