The Richland Springs Report

  • PLEASE NOTE – This is a name correction to the photo cutline received from Howlers Club staff: Grand Champion - Elissa Gilmore –Baking - Cake Division & Other Division at the Richland Springs Stars & Stripes Celebration in July.
    PLEASE NOTE – This is a name correction to the photo cutline received from Howlers Club staff: Grand Champion - Elissa Gilmore –Baking - Cake Division & Other Division at the Richland Springs Stars & Stripes Celebration in July.

I have been a virtual class student for the last five days. As an adult, I found it interesting, and I gained valuable new information from it. As a student, I can feel the pain that so many of our kids have felt trying to assimilate a ton of material from a screen. We really do need to get these kids back in school. For Richland Springs, that means this Friday. I’m hoping our COVID measures aren’t going to be too bothersome.

I noticed there were very few masks at the rodeo this past weekend. There were a few, and I can understand some folks are in more danger and need to protect themselves. The kids did all the wonderful things that kids do with little regard for viruses. Our pastor and his family attended their first Richland Springs Rodeo, and they were impressed. Brother Mack said those were also the bests burgers he had ever tasted. We do seem to make good burgers here in town. I know we make great fish! I heard that young man in the wild horse race is doing okay. It looked as if he fell wrong and knocked himself out. I believe he was Raymond Valdez. I’m glad he is okay. That race is wild as all get out. Congratulations to Keston Jayden and TJ on their wild horse win.

Kaitlynn Sutherland’s new horse is improving after each meet. I’m sure Mama Shannon is enjoying flashbacks of her glory years. Not that she isn’t glorious now. Kaitlynn has a great teacher. So does brother Jadyn. Another young lady that has been setting the arena on fire is Savannah Perry. All the Perry kids are rocking the rodeo scene. I guess you can say our local kids are just too good. As always, none of these events could happen if it weren’t for the dedicated adults who work behind the scenes. We just have the best people.

The folks at the First Baptist Church are going to be delivering school supplies early in the week. Judging by the pile I saw in the classroom, there will be supplies available if you haven’t had time to go get yours. Many of you in town were visited by the Baptist folks as they delivered the food from Farmers to Family. I hadn’t heard of this program before. I think it is a marvelous idea. The government is buying the food from the farmers because they have no market. They are then turning around and donating the food to local food banks. On Saturday, volunteers gave out 69 boxes of fresh food. I don’t know if it will contain the same stuff each time. I saw apples, plums, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, and black beans. If you combine that with the food pantry on 1st and 3rd Mondays, a family could keep food on the table until everyone gets back to work. If you need some food, please contact the church, and they will make arrangements with you.

If you are not comfortable around people for fear of infection, please don’t just quit coming to church. Go to one of the local churches and attend online. Brother Barry is posting his sermons, Mr. Bill and Shiloh have their services posted on Facebook, and First Baptist has theirs posted on Facebook as well. Guard your First Amendment Rights carefully. You may wake up to find you have lost them. Be vigilante, and study the Word of God. It is the basis for all laws in the United States.

I will put up some grape jelly this week. My hands took almost a week to recover from the itch, but I am good to go. I wonder if I will remember next year that wild grapes cause my hands to itch for at least five days. I certainly hope so because this is miserable.

I saw many of you at the school on Sunday evening. Dee Crump and Elizabeth Johnson organized a prayer vigil for our school. Teachers, parents, and caring adults as well as Brother Bill Slaymaker and Brother Mack Elkin, joined to cover the school in a blanket of prayer. It is so heartening as a teacher to see the care and love that is lavished on our students. We could not go through the classrooms, but we did cover each classroom with prayer. My daughter, Christine, noticed that our playground equipment needed repair and paint. Perhaps we should organize a save the playground event and repair it for our kids.

Prayers are needed; Amber Moreno, Walter Stratton, Helon Mayor, Mary Kate Adams, and yours truly are all facing hospital visits of varying difficulty. All prayers are appreciated. While we were praying for the school year, we prayed for the fire out towards Billy Gibbons and the 4K Ranch. Fighting fires in 100-degree heat is dangerous. Please pray for the return

Please pray for the return of law and order around our country. We need a return to the good old days of live and let live. Pray for our President, the upcoming elections, our Congress, our tremendous police officers, and most of all, our precious troops and their families.

See all you kiddos at school.