Johnnie Ray Woods, Jr.

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Johnnie Ray Woods, Jr., age 53, of San Saba, passed away unexpectedly on June 8, 2020, while a patient at Baylor Scott and White Hospital in Lakeway.

Johnnie is survived by his mother, Mary Woods of San Saba, who lived with him. Johnnie was her only child and he will be greatly missed.

He was skilled in woodwork and could make beautiful quilts, curtains, etc. Johnnie also loved to bake bread and cook until complications from diabetes caused him to lose all feeling in his hands and feet. In spite of being confined to a wheelchair for the past few years due to muscle deterioration, he was never successful in getting his disability benefits.

Although Johnnie's life here on earth was very diffcult, various members of San Saba made his journey much easier. A livable mobile home was provided to him and his disabled mother a few years ago through a huge community effort (City of San Saba, San Saba County, neighbors and churches) spearheaded by County Attorney Randall Robinson and members of the San Saba Rotary Club.

Just recently, Randall Hawkins and volunteers from Boy Scout Troop 55 rebuilt a porch that Johnnie could get his wheelchair on, and they cut down brush. Their yard was maintained at no cost for years by Edward Flores and Orion Huron and other helpers.

Johnnie's beloved dog died a week before he passed away, and Joe Smith graciously dug a hole with a tractor (again at no cost). Hill Country Community Action recently made their home more comfortable with the addition of new air conditioners. Members of the Church of Christ fixed home-cooked meals that were delivered to them three days a week.

He was very grateful to the generosity extended him in his healthcare by the San Saba Indigent Care program and the Baylor Scott and White financial aid assistance.

Johnnie was never married and had no family except his mother, but was fortunate enough to live in a community like San Saba, Texas.

A memorial service is pending following cremation.

Obituary written by Georgia Harris, caretaker and friend.