San Saba County Commissioners' Court holds regular meeting June 8th


The San Saba County Commissioners’ Court met for a regularly scheduled meeting on June 8th in the County Judge’s Chambers. Judge Byron Theodosis called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. Rickey Lusty gave the invocation and led everyone in the pledges.

Audience for Concerned Citizens For Public Comment:

No comments were made.

Action Items:

1. Approve or Correct and Approve Minutes of Previous Commissioners' Court Meeting(s):

Three sets of minutes were presented.

Decision: The Court unanimously approved the Minutes of Previous Commissioners’ Court Meetings.

County Official and Departmental Reports:

2. County/District Clerk: Approve Subject to Audit or Reject Clerk's Report:

Decision: The Court unanimously approved the District Clerk’s Report.

3. County Treasurer: Approve Subject to Audit or Reject Treasurer's Report:

Ms. VanBeck presented information on a new COVID-19 relief fund.

Decision: The Court unanimously approved the Treasurer’s Report, subject to audit.

4. County Justice of the Peace: Approve Subject to Audit or Reject JP Report:

• Financial Data provided for May 2020:

Total - $8,656.60

Community Service/Jail Credit - $2,331.50

Total to the County: $3,863.23

Small Claims and Civil: $281.00.

Decision: The Court unanimously approved the JP Report, subject to audit.

5. County Sheriff and Jail: Approve Subject to Audit or Reject Sheriff's Jail Report:

Sheriff Jenkins reported they have been busy, and things are getting busier. Chief Deputy Shaw explained to the Court that their office was contacted on Friday, June 5th, by Mason County Chief Deputy and told about a rumored protest that was to take place on Saturday, June 6th, in Mason.

When asked if they needed help, Mason Deputy said if we could send at least one person, that would be appreciated. Deputy Shaw assured him, if Mason needed help, we would be there. Law enforcement in all counties around Mason, as well as DPS and the Game Warden, were all on standby.

Deputy Shaw along with two others went to Mason early Saturday morning. The rumored protest on Saturday of several busses coming from Austin did not happen. However, there was a surprise protest on Friday in Mason by approximately 33 Mason locals. Law enforcement watched and observed. However, nothing happened, and it was uneventful. The Judge stated he appreciated the cooperation shown by our law enforcement.

The Jail Report was not available for the meeting.

Decision: The Court unanimously approved the Sheriff Report, subject to audit.

Special Action Items (and Non-Action Items):

1. Discuss and Take Possible Action on Letter to Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Re: Unclaimed Property Capital Credits for Counties:

Ms. VanBeck explained the Unclaimed Property Capital Credits could be used by the county if the Court so approved.

Decision: The Court unanimously approved the letter of request of the Unclaimed Property Capital Credits.

2. Approve Donation of $65 from Travis E. Gunn For Culvert Reimbursement for Pct. 3:

Decision: The Court unanimously approved the Donation of $65 from Travis E. Gunn For Culvert Reimbursement.

3. Discuss and Take Possible Action On COVID - 19 Issues:

Judge Theodosis stated that even though we have had our first positive case, our Heavenly Father has blessed us. After the first positive case, the staff and residents at the nursing home were all tested with negative results. When we have our next testing, Dr. Whiting recommended we have more lead time so we can get the word out.

Decision: No further action on COVID-19 was taken.

4. Discuss and Take Possible Action On EMS:

Ms. Kokernot presented copies of the EMS contract with Hamilton for the Court’s review.

Decision: The contract will be voted on during the next meeting.

5. Take Possible Action Concerning Burn Ban (Current Status: LIFTED May 28, 2020):

No action was taken by the Court; the Judge had lifted the Burn Ban since the last meeting. 6. Approve or Reject Pro

6. Approve or Reject Proposed Amendments and/or Line Item Transfers:

Ms. VanBeck presented three Line Item Transfers.

Decision: The Court unanimously approved the three Line Item Transfers as presented by Ms. VanBeck.

7. Approve or Reject Proposed Accounts Payable:

Mr. Pool had one bill to add to the Accounts Payable report.

Decision: The Court unanimously approved the Accounts Payable Report with the additional bill presented by Mr. Pool, subject to audit.

8. Discuss Next Commissioners’ Court Date & Time:

The next Commissioners’ Court meeting will be held Monday, June 29th at 9:30 a.m.

9. Adjourn:

Judge Theodosis adjourned the meeting at 9:37 a.m.

The following were in attendance at this meeting in the Judge’s Chambers: Judge Theodosis; County Commissioners: Otis Judkins, Rickey Lusty, Kenley Kroll and Pat Pool; Kim Wells, County Clerk; Marsha Hardy, County Emergency Management Coordinator; Sheriff Jenkins; Dwayne Shaw, Chief Deputy; Kyle Naizer, Deputy; Lois VanBeck, Treasurer; Sharon Blossman, Justice of the Peace; Candy Kokernot, Administrative Assistant; and Djuana Payton, San Saba News & Star Reporter. Chris Perry, First Responder, joined the meeting via Zoom.