Lowe's Market – no more groceries!

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Sometime between midnight and 1:00 a.m. this morning, a fire began inside Lowe's Market in San Saba and the local Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) responded to the fully engulfed building. Jack Blossman, Captain of the San Saba VFD, stated "I was the first one in the building. . . and the inside was on fire. . . not the units at the back of the building. . . but the inside of the store."
Captain Blossman said the flames inside the building were so hot that he and several other firefighters had to quickly evacuate the building. He also shared it took until about 10:00 this morning until the fire was  under control.
Assisting San Saba VFD were other local VFDs such as:  Richland Springs, Cherokee and Elm Grove. In addition, Captain Blossman stated "our sister department - Mills County - responded and helped us in this battle." 
San Saba VFD doesn't have a Fire Marshall on staff but utilizes a Texas State Fire Marshall. With that said, and due to the recent coronavirus upset and lockdowns, Captain Blossman related "it may take awhile" before the origin and cause of the fire is known.
Captain Blossman wanted to thank all the members of his team plus the other VFDs who assisted in fighting and putting in the long, arduous hours to eventually get the fire under control:  Fire Chief Jeffrey Bates and the Richland Springs VFD; Fire Chief David Norris and the Elm Grove VFD; and Fire Chief Michael Garcia and the Cherokee VFD. He especially wanted to thank and show appreciation to Fire Chief David Schwartz and Mills County VFD "who are always there to help us." Finally, Captain Blossman wanted to thank Sheriff's Chief Deputy Dwayne Shaw for taping off the area, as well as directing and diverting traffic away from the hazardous area during the firefighters' battle with the blaze.
Since Lowe's Market was the only grocery store in San Saba, I placed a call to Tony Jacobs, previous owner of G&R Grocery (now closed). When Mr. Jacobs returned my call, I asked if he had plans to reopen G&R and he stated he offered an extended (24 months) lease option to Lowe's. "It's all set up. . . with all the racks and everything. . . they (Lowe's) could be ready within 48 hours. . ." Mr. Jacobs added he is just waiting to hear back from Lowe's now. . . "it's up to them." 
Lastly, I received an email from Anita Alvarez, Office Manager at Heritage Funeral Home in San Saba, who stated that Dr. Mercer is in the process of developing ways to overcome the holds, closures, and lack of water/foods/supplies to gather a good quantity of such to bring to San Saba. Apparently, Dr. Mercer travels to Austin and Dallas and some of the larger cities frequently and may be privy to larger supplies of food and/or non-perishables. Ms. Alvarez stated she would keep me in the know as soon as she heard back from Dr. Mercer.
In conclusion, amid all the confusion, uneasiness and fear regarding the COVID-19 health situation, this community now has the additional worry and anxiety of where one can go shopping for bread, milk, meat, butter, cereal, potatoes, tomatoes. . . and the list goes on and on! However, where do the people of San Saba go now. . .now that G&R is closed. . . now that Lowe's has burned down? 

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A fire of unknown origin burned for about 10 hours before being controlled