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I hesitated as I typed in the date. My fingers aren’t ready to type 2020. I’m not sure my brain is ready for the date either. Russ and I moved to the family farm in 2005. We lived in our little Techno Ranshed until late November. At that time, I told Russell I was no longer able to go outside and take a shower; it was just too cold. Although our house wasn’t quite finished, we could at least sleep inside the house and take a shower in a warm bathroom. We finished out the house by the end of December in time for Christmas.

That means we have been here 15 years! The time has passed very quickly. No matter what lies ahead for Russ and I, it has been a wonderful 15 years. We are blessed to have a beautiful house, great church family, wonderful work friends and exceptional community. The only earthly thing that would make it better would be to have my kids close by us. The only thing left is heaven.




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