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Time has been bought, answers have been delayed and responses have been hedged as “squirmers” have opted for the “Texas two-step” instead of crystal clear comebacks to probing inquiries.

I’ve “rambled” a bit--again. Let’s shoot for “bullseye centeredness” to sharpen focus on this new year, one when we’re bound to grow weary of ads, speeches and even mere conversations referencing “2020 vision.”

Admission of this probability can rescue us from an evergrowing delay tactic mentioned in paragraph one. We can better use “2020 references” to replace a hackneyed expression used by many of us far too often: ATTHE END OF THE DAY….

Politicians have worn this expression to the nub, but I’ll stick up for ‘em to this extent. Utterance of these six words buys for them a few more seconds to think of answers that will be “okay” for a time, at least until the next news cycle, fake or real.



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At the START of the Day…