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Drive-by Poaching

On Nov. 9, a Henderson County game warden was contacted by a landowner who said he heard a gunshot near the end of his driveway right after sunset. The landowner walked down to the county road and found a freshly wounded doe in the ditch. Approximately 45 minutes after the doe was shot, the warden was talking to the landowner when a truck stopped for a few seconds where the deer had been shot, then proceeded to leave the area. The warden made contact with the driver who said he was going to his girlfriend’s house. The warden noticed a shotgun in the passenger seat and again asked the driver what he was doing in the area. After a short discussion, the driver admitted to shooting a deer from the county road and said he had come back to pick it up after he made sure no one heard him shoot. As the warden was busy with the driver of the truck, the landowner came to the scene with another individual. The landowner stated he watched this individual, with his thermal scope, as he tried to drag the doe to the county road so they could load it up. Both individuals were arrested and booked into Henderson County jail for multiple violations.



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The following are excerpts from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports